Small circular shape peeling skin

For the past 4 months or so I've been having this strange rash.

My fingertips, palm of my hands, and bottom of my feet are peeling in small circular shape( a lot of circlessome here and there). These circles are extermly small. Not bigger than a pencil eraser(most of them appear on my the back of my fingers tips). They don't itchy or cause any kind of pain at all. I'm not sure what it's from. The ones on my feet have dissapeared completely, but the other day I noticed that I have a few of these circles on my shoulders, my arms, neck , and hair. I guess they fall from your hair and head and get all over your body. In the corner of the eyes you can see these little tiny glitter circle or something. I guess when you rub your eyes these thing get into the eyes, or where ever. On the face or body it look's like ringworms, but is not.

They seem to be most noticable as soon as I get out of the shower. Whenever I put any kind of lotion on you can't notice them at all, but as soon as my skin gets dry they start popping up agian.

Not sure what it is. As soon as some fade away others appear a few days later. I've changed soaps and everything. I went to my primary He said he thinks it's some kind of allergic reaction and he gave me some kind of steriod cream, but that's not stopping these small circles peeling things from popping up.

At work everyone is question what are these little things. You will find them on people desk, it looks likes little white lint or something and leave white spots all over.

What ever it is, it's speading.

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I would recommend that you go to a dermatologist. I have had lots of skin issues in my life and time. It is possible you are reacting to something... soap or detergent... or something new in your environment... and I would encourage you to find a good dermatologist.... take care J

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I've gone to two dermatologist , One said that it acne and the other said just use the soap and it will go away never telling me anything) . Still looking for a good dematolgist. Thanks anyway for the comment.

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Finding a good dermatologist is a life saver. This sounds very similar to the rash I get with psoriasis. Have the dermatologists you have seen mentioned psoriasis? Have they biopsied the round peeling lesions? I also get a rash on my neck and upper chest when I get out of the shower and even the biopsies done can't pin it down other than to say it has lupus like features to it, but I test negative for lupus. Good luck. When you find a good doctor stay with her/him.


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Thanks for information. Well ask my dermatologist about the psoriasis.

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