One Leg Does Not Lift

I have a condition (like)MS, Primary Progressive. But EXTENSIVE TESTING!!! by Neurologists does not conclusively support diagnosis of MS. This began about six years ago (When I was 58) with stumbling, and has been the same for the past 3 years, with no additional symptoms. I am 64 now.

I can't lift my left leg, (as in marching). This creates great difficulty walking, as with a somewhat straight leg, footdrag, imbalance, fatigue, and has really slowed down my activities, which to me has been devastating. I was employed in the performing arts, and was also a teacher in the school system.

The downside of this is doctors have said "come back if things get worse" .I finanally realized after almost 6 years how negative and non productive this advice is, and realized I had to be proactive if any progress was to be seen in my health.

About 7 yers ago, a freak accident by a student caused a horizontal laceration just above my left heel. ((No stitches or x-rays were taken by attending physician). All doctors have said it is totally unrelated to my symptoms.

Does anyone have any familiarity with these symptoms? Any advice which could bring more effective mobility?

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I have a similar problem.
I started commuting from Chicago to KS every weekend and after all of this driving started, I noticed that I had trouble moving my Right leg.
I is getting worse and basically feels like I have a 100 lb weight on the leg.
I will be seeing a doctor as soon as I can figure out which kind of doctor to see.
Has anyone heard of this condition?

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Dear bweisbo:

How interesting these similarities are to mine. In addition to my previous "Comment", I drove from New York City to Eastern NC (approx. 600+ mles one way) two to three times a month for about 3 years. Differences between you and I are that it's my left leg. The right one is fine.

Please let me know if you have any success with doctors. I have not. I started with a Rheumatologist, who referred me to a Neurologist. These specialists all seem baffled, although for lack of a diagnosis, they say its Primary Progressive MS (the worst kind) - even though the testing is all negative. The actual diagnosis, they say is "a demylzation" disease. I tell them I won't accept ms if testing doesn't prove that's what it is.

By the way, I have spent thousands of dollars on herbs, vitamins, chiropractors, massage therapy, etc. I'm not saying these things don't work for some, but beware of the hacks. I've been taken advantage of. Be very careful about the testimonies of people who say things miraculously work. In our desperation to be healthy, we become preys to people who are greedy and selfish.

May I suggest one thing. Try to retain as much mobility as you can by doing exercises. Just do enough to maintain movement of joints and muscles. Arthritis can set in when joints are not functioning properly and you are not balanced. I wish someone had told me that a few years back. Now I'm trying to reverse seomthing that shouldn't have happened.I don't know how old you are, but I'm sure that is also a factor.

Above all, don't give up. Sometimes it is very discouraging, but God has provided an answer for this condition. And don't listen to people who tell you that this condition is hopeless, and uncureable. Although many of them are sincere, dedicated, and extremely helpful, you wouldn't believe what come out of the mouths of people in the medical profession.

I'm sorry if I sound negative. I really am not that kind of person. I love people. I appreciate the medical profession for all they know and do, and I love God. I truly believe that there is a cure for every disease right here on this planet. If I find it before you do, I promise I'll let you know.

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Dear bweisbo,

I too had trouble lifting my left leg. I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive M.S. 12 years ago. Around two years ago I started having diffficulty raising my left leg and foot. I would drag my foot and I would have to lift my leg up with my left hand in order to step up on anything. My M.S. specialist referred me to a Physical Therapist. She taught me the different exercises that would help with mobility in my left leg and foot. By doing leg, core and balance exercises almost every day I now can lift my foot up off the floor and walk almost normal. Most of the time I don't have to use my left hand to lift up my leg. I truely believe that if I didn't start doing the exercises when I started, I would be in a wheel chair. I still am not able to dance, but that is my next goal! With the help of God, my Doctors, and helping myself, anything is possible.

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Dear Ronnie:

Your response brought me to tears (of hope and joy). You are the first person (in 5 years) that I have encountered who seemingly has the exact symptoms with inability raising leg and foot, and diagnosis as I. My My last neurologist referred me to a Physical Therapist who spent the time teaching me gait training: how to use a cane, and a brace. i wanted ad vice on what kinds of exercises would strengthen my leg and foot. Would you be kind enough to email information, i.e. name of M.S. Specialist, and/or Physical Therapist? I would travel anywhere for this kind of help. My email is:

Again, thank you so much for sharing. And I have faith in God, I will never give up.


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Check Upledger Institute for an Osteopath in your area.
They use energy to re-align spine and muscles. Sometimes an area `cramps' and has an emotional connection.

If the spine is slightly out of alignment, and it affects the muscles and nervous system, until the spine is re-aligned there is pain or ceasure
This condition may be so slight, that an X-Ray would not pick it up.

There is no medication involved, just `hands-on' therapy. The therapist lightly lays hands-on and assists the body to re-align itself. (no force or manipulation used at all)
You may require a couple of sessions only.

I am an `Alternative Health Practioner' and have studied and practiced the Upledger methods. Really works miracles on many `hopeless' conditions.

Worth a try.
Mary S

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