Massive head pressure, sinus, light headedness

HI I am a 49 year old male suffering from massive head pressure that seams to creep into
my sinuses and gives me pressure pain there, in my eye sockets, the bridge of my nose,
my temples, my teeth (that really aches) my cheeks and the back of my head at center and lower jaw jts. This pressure sensation gets so bad I get headaches and experience light headedness as well. The only relief is putting ice on my head and face and popping tylenal.
This started about 6 weeks ago with the pressure then out of nowhere my blood pressure
spyked with chest pains and heart attack symptoms. I went to ER and except for the blood
pressure spike all tests negative. Went to my cardio guy took stress and angiogram and all
negative, my blood work is fine my cholesteral 158 ( with help from simvastin) . Went to
ENT who I am working with now. My MR on brain and sinus was normal. I took a ct of the sinus and that was normal. I went for a vertigo or balance test and that was normal. For someone who is in perfect health I feel so crappy. The docs are chalking this up to stress, nerves and anxiety; prescription xanax and cymbalta. I am not a nervous person with absolutely no problems. To chalk this up to nerves first makes me nervous. Could this be from nerves without having to be nervous? I have read other sites where people have experienced this weird head pressure and similar symptoms but it was from a couple of years ago with no way to contact them. If anybody out there has experienced anything like this or has some suggestions please
respond. Thanks

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try looking up fungal infections in the sinuses; otherwise known as systemic candida.

i've had all the symptoms you've spoken of, and more, and that was the problem... in my case.

at any rate, it doesn't hurt to consider it... but, keep in mind, that if this is the cause of your issues... antibiotics or antidepressants will only make it worse.

please post what your findings are; and i will most certainly try to assist you with your results... meanwhile, hang in there, and remember that you are not alone in this. there are many of us out there that are battling our own ailments and feel isolated... but that is not the case.

take care

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Thanks for responding. I take all suggestions at this point. Desperation? Or just right attitude.
I think right attitude. I am also investigating TMJ . I heard that similar symptons can be had
from this. I definately have jaw discomfort . I wll try to open a discussion on TMJ.

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i had thought it was TMJ too... mixed with MS, and a whole host of other things... but, despite what it may or may not be... you might want to check out this website: www.rawand .... which i suggest to many people as it is about how raw fruits and vegetables go a long way towards helping our bodies rebuild/repair.

the woman who created the site has a free downloadable e-book that i am in the midst of reading... and i must say... she makes perfect sense to me.

don't allow yourself to fall into despair... as i know how frightening and desperate feeling ill can be... i've been on the road to getting better for more than a year (COPD/sinusitis/candida); but don't give up yourself!!!

all the best

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What you describe about your head pressure is exactly what I am experiencing and it makes me very anxious. I have some glaucoma as well and am trying to find the right eye drop with not so many side effects. I have some nausea as well. The stress thing is probably my reason too but I seem to have it worse at home. It is scary.

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I have pretty much the same issue's as the original poster, but the pain seems to be located more in the back of my head. I went to the doctors 4 days ago and she said it was something viral and only offered up advice to drink plenty of fluids and take advil/sinus medicine? Is that really all i can do?

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what you are describing sounds like inflammation on the site... and can be taken care of by avoiding things like: red meat, milk and it's by products. look into raw foods diets, as uncooked food reduces inflammation. if you are drinking more water, make sure that it is "pure" water... and especially look into the effects that things like: fresh cherries, fish, and almonds have on reducing inflammation.

this method does take time to have an effect, but it is the most natural way of doing it.

meanwhile, all the best.... know how you feel... i've been dealing with the same issue for more than two years... but am getting better.

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I have had patients who benefited from a neurological cosult, to rule out inflammation of nerves, like trigeminitis or inflammation of the 5th cranial nerve. and/or- "chest syndrome" which you can look ukp on the internet..Thanx and good luck

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i would be interested to hear more about this; and what symptoms your patients complain of... as one of the things i suffered from (when i was two years old) was meningitis... and have often wondered if there might be a link.... especially since there is still a lump on my tailbone (i was given a spinal tap to rid my spine of the meningitis).

can you tell me a little about this practice; and what the conditions you mentioned are?


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I have very similar symptoms. It started over three years ago and I have been to over 25 doctors in three states and am no on a medical leave from work and not functional. I have sever pressure in my sinuses and sides of my head, my eyes burn constantly, my teeth hurt, cheeks hurt, and I have a stiff/sore neck and shoulders. And I simply feel like crap every day. These symptoms are 100% of the time. These symptoms are intensified with concentration such as driving, computer work, TV, church, and alcohol. Then I have others that come and go such as muscle aches and joint pains, prickly sensations, occassional low grade fevers. I lost 15 pounds when this started without trying and now eat whatever I want and don't gain weight (I'm not complaining there).

This has turned my life upside down. I used to be the social butterfly and miss volunteer. Now I just try to get through each day. I can't work and rarely socialize. I know I'm not depressed since I still have the desire to get out and do things but I just don't feel well enough. I've been tested for everything under the sun and most everything is negative...therefore my disability has been denied. I'm having to sell my home at a loss and move in with my mother at age 39. I"ve found "some" relief from Klonopin (for anxiety for also for nerve pain) but not enough to get back to work. I've tried all types of alternative as well as Western medicine over the last three years.

I have a possible cause....long term exposure to mold. I found mold growing on my waterbed which must have had a slow leak and I could have been sleeping on it breathing mold for years. Even so, I can't find much to go on regarding how to remedy it.

Anyway, you are not alone...if you have found any answers, please share!

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I also am having many of the same symptoms as above- sinus pressure, aching in the cheeks and jaws, unable to think clearly, brain fog, and after seeing many doctors and doing research on the web, I am have narrowed it down to diet. I have had some blood and other tests done and am waiting the results, but have begun to eliminate things that may aggravate the condition. From what I have read several things may cause these problems and diet seems to be the only thing to correct it. It could either be an allergy to wheat, an MSG or artificial sweetener sensitivity, or candida. I no longer drink any caffeine or sweetened beverages (sugar, high fructos corn syrup or artificial) and have tried to also to eliminate gluten from my diet. Also, I have read it is best to give up red meat and dairy products. It was hard at first to accept that I would have to give up many of the things that I enjoyed, but as the discomfort has gotten worse, I am gladly letting go of these things that are poisonous to our system. Lastly, doctors want to give us any pill that can numb us to what might be really causing our problems. I have heard very serious things about Klonopin and know someone who is basically a slave to them now and can't go a day without them. I would advise consulting your doctor and attempting to try another course of action. Also, you can't just quit Klonopin, you will need to be weaned off it by your doctor. Here is a link to copy and past regarding Klonopin and Stevie Nicks.

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Like I said a while symptoms are almost identical with pressure in the head, teeth hurting, cheeks hurting, eyes hurting and burning, stiff neck, etc. I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease...but not by a test because they are SO inaccurate. I'm going to an LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) who diagnosed me based on my history and symptoms. Even the CDC recognizes the innacuracy of the Lyme tests and indicates that diagnosis should be made by history and symptoms. I would stongly suggest seeing an LLMD as Lyme is a silent epidemic and most MDs don't have a clue about it. If you need help finding an LLMD please let me know at

Good luck...Darla

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Try a Neti Pot. Dr. Oz on TV recommended this. It really works to clear sinus/nasal congestion. This can be bought at Walgreens, Walmart, not sure of other places. The one I think is best looks like a genie lamp.
It runs about $11-14 and will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Who would have ever thought something so simple could make such a difference in one's life.
Happy New Year!

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I am 45 an I too have head pressure headaches, pressure behind my nose, behind my eyes, in my ears since June 2008. Before June, I was working, going to college for my masters degree, going out socially, and jogging/working out 3 to 5 times a week. My symptoms started after a trip to the Smokies. It's been 6 months now and I am no closer to the answer. It started out with neck pain then the head pressure headaches started. The only thing that I have found that relieves it is a spinal tap. I have had 3 of them since July 1, 2008. I have had 4 MRI's and have been told over and over again that these symptoms are anxiety, depression, nerves, stress, etc. I have also been told that it was viral and I am still dealing with post viral symptoms some 6months later! One thing that I have learned in all of this is that doctors do not know everything! I have been to many different specialists and they all do a handful of tests and when those tests come back they don't look any further and they drop the ball. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with me today and that is what's causing me the stress ironically. The point is you know there is something wrong physically. Don't let doctors dismiss your symptoms as stress or nerves. People don't get head pressure headaches for no reason. My symptoms have gotten worse with time and now include enlarged lymph nodes, night sweats, swollen tongue, pain at the bottom of my feet, and pressure in my back. I have been to numerous doctors and will keep on going to them until I get a correct diagnosis. Just don't give up!

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Hi Betty; sorry it took so long to reply but the honest truth is after suffering for 6 months and going through everything It finally just went away. I believe my problem was viral and it has to run its course for as long as it takes. I still get weird viral attacks but not as bad. Anyway thats why I have not been on the site for a long time. I wish I had something more concrete to tell people. Something that I can say this particular thing or drug cured me. But thats not the case. One day it was just gone. I will say the ID thought I might have a STD because I was borderline syph. But nothing else pointed in that direction I had no other syph related symptoms and I have been faithfull over 15 years. The doc said it was more then likely not syph since my wife tested normal. However they made me still go through the pennicillen shots ( 3 in the butt) and funny enough not long after that I started feeling better. My doc thinks it was coincidence. But you never know may I had another problem the shots helped. Anyway get well and happy new year

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I had the same situation as yours. Mine turned out to be Lyme as well. I suspected mold. I was also gluten and dairy intolerant. Intense headaches and sinus pressure. Couldn't figure out anything. Went to a bunch of doctors. Etc. Etc.

This all sounds ohh so familiar. Things are better now for me, but some of it is still there. Changes more in intensity now and isn't as unrelenting as the first two years it was happening

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Wow, I didn't know that an STD could hide out that long in your system and not wreak havoc on your life. I think you just gave me a nother avenue to pursue, you never know.

Report post glad to hear that you found out you had lyme. I fully believe if you get with the right LLMD that you can feel good ALL THE TIME.

Betty1939...PLEASE go to see an LLMD as your symptoms are classic for Lyme disease (especially after a trip to the Smokies where ticks are rampant). Typical medical docs are NOT educated regarding lyme and you MUST see an LLMD.

I'd be happy to help both of you find one...just email me at


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Hello Sonebone >
While it may seem obvious .. and because of this .. is often disregarded... may I suggest a visit to your Primary Care Dr. for a Single Draw / Insurance Covered ... ALLERGY Blood Test.

Your Blood should be tested against the most common Seasonal & Year-round Allergens specific to Your Geo-Region ..

These include the Dust, Mite, Animal, Insect, Mold, Tree. Grass, Weed Allergens Groups ( approx 40 or so ) ... in addition to Your TOTAL IgE Score...

Your BLOOD Will Not Only TELL YOU What you are Allergic To .. but to What Degree for EACH Offending Allergen.

It is possible that you Immune system is now being drawn down by non-allergy sources... Stress, Bad Diet , old age, another ailment ..such that your previous Allergy Load did not exceed / trigger your Allergy Threshold .. producing symptoms... but is does now...

Once your offending allergens are identified.. your Dr will prescribe Under-the-Tongue ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

Much the same as Allergy SHOTs of Old .. your Drug FREE > DROPs are Custom Formulated specifically to Neutralize > What YOU Are Allergic To / your Test Result.

Containing FDA approved Offending Allergen Extracts > Slowly over time .. Your DROP Extract Concentrations are Increased > allowing your Body to recaliberate itself ... neutralizing your allergy disease at the source.. ... Free'ing UP Immune system Capacity to fight other "Real" health threats .. producing lasting, If Not LifeTime Health & Quality of Life Benifits.

With the SAME Blood Draw .. you should also be FOOD Allergy Tested ...

BUT ..
you should be Tested for BOTH Immediate and Delayed FOOD allergy possibilities .. Only Blood can do this ...

Once your offending Immediate & Delayed FOOD allergies are identified .. You will receive a FOOD Allergy DIET Plan based specifically on YOUR FOOD allergy Test Result.

Because FOOD Allergy is addressed via DIET > Your Plan will suggest FOODs to Eat, Not Eat , Restrict & Re-Introduce ...

As with ANY Ailment > It is Important to LOOK Behind the Symptom Curtain .. by Testing >

In your Quest for your Health Solution .. a Simple, Insurance covered Enviro & FOOD Allergy Blood Test WILL at least > Rule Allergy IN or Out of your Ailment Equation.

Wishing ALL Good Health in 2009


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Thanks and good advice. I already did have a complete allergy panel including regional, all results were negative. But like I posted my problems seemed to just go away to which I believe my problems stemmed from viral. Thanks and happy new year

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Hi Betty Happy new year hope its a better one. On the STD, remember my docs were pulling at straws( so to speak)
The blood test was so borderline and I had none of the other classic syph symptoms plus my wife tested negative. My primary did not think I had std at all. I went through the shots ( ouch) as a precaution. Once you take this blood test and th doc reports that you "might" have something std related he has to report it to the gov't (ouch again) which means you absolutely have to follow the shot protocaul. In your case if nothing esle is telling you anything then going to an ID doctor for a complete scan is a definate possibility like you said you never know. I hope your problems fade away as did mine........Good luck Jeff

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