M.S symptoms & a buzzing feeling

I have had a really bad week I can hardly get out of bed, I hert from my head down to my toes. Has anyone ever felt a buzzing feeling through-out their body. You can't hear it, you just feel it. It is a constant reminder of how sick I really am, besides the pain. If anyone out their knows what I'm talking about please let me know. OUCH! the back of my head herts right now & I'm really nauschious gotta go bye for now. Angie

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Hi Angie,
Yes, I too get those days when I can''t get out of bed and I get that strange buzzing feeling. It's kind of hard to explain, but I think I know what you are talking about. I thought maybe it was a side effect from one of my meds. I forgot to ask my doc about it the last time I saw him, but now that I know that I am not the only one with this problem, I am going to call him and talk to him. I will let you know what I find out.
BTW, what meds are on? If you don't want to put it on here, you can email me at cindyf56@yahoo.com. I am just wondering if we have that in common as well.
I hope you feel better soon.


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sounds terrable How are you doing now? and do you see a Doc and dose he or she know about this? If you want to e-mail me that would be fine but for now I hope you are feeling better? Bruce4117

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I also get that buzzing feeling. I'm not on any medication. I don't have MS but have symptoms of it and of CFS. What I do have are indications in labs of a chronic viral infection, and possibly bacterial as well. And I feel like I'm constantly fighting some kind of infection. If I were to guess I'd guess the buzzing sensation indicates infection affecting the central nervous system, and secondarily, metabolic function.

There is new research now into a possible viral cause of MS or symptoms of. It might be hard to get a doctor to test unless you have access to a large teaching hospital.


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I'm going to suggest something that may sound a bit strange... (and believe me, I know this because I've been met with some retorts when suggesting this); but, could your condition be caused by systemic candida as the underlying problem?

I ask this because that was the case for both my son's autism, as well as my: periodontal disease, COPD (basically lung disease), as well as sinusitis.

I, myself have had symptoms of numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, with next to no strength in my legs - which made it necessary to walk on the balls of my feet to get up the stairs. I've had symptoms of fibromyalgia, too... and have spent months in pain. Just getting out of bed was an ordeal.

Systemic Candida can cause a myriad of symtoms that many of us beleive are something else... meanwhile, taking pills and getting tests done doesn't help.

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Hi Cindy, its good to know that I'm not alone the meds Im taking are pain meds vic,norco & a siezure med lamictol. I was on cumadin a blood thinner until I had my doc take me off in the hopes I would feel better but nope! it didn't work. My neuro wasn't happy with me when I told him I had my regular doc take me off the cumadin. I have a rare blood disorder called Protein S Deficiency which calls for meds that thin out your blood. If my numbers get to low they have to thin my blood out again which means I have to give myself shots to thin it out again. If my numbers get to high I could have a stroke. Sorry Im rambling, anyway please do talk with your doc and let me know what happens, I hope your doing well and please keep in touch.

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I have MS and I sometimes have that in my legs and feet. It feels kind of like what you would think of as an electricity type feeling. Like electricity is running through you. An electrical buzz. Is this what you are describing?

I received a new medication just recently that has seemed to help with that feeling. Is it Neurontin, for neuropathic pain. It is my understanding that there are other drugs available for the same thing.

Have you been diagnosed with MS? Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms? If not, you probably should. I would really like to hear back from you on this. Let me know how things are going.

Keep in touch! - T

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It is strange to read of someone commenting about this on the internet. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Systemic Candidiasis in the past. I have changed my diet drastically since then and that helps a lot. I was on medications and shots specifically for the Candida for a while and then was able to control my symptoms with diet and a few vitamin supplements. From what I understand, I will always have this disorder and have to watch what I eat mainly. I have gotten away from my diet a lot lately and am not feeling well. Reading your comment has made me realize that I need to get back with it and get myself feeling better again. BTW, I have MS also. I would be interested in talking with you more about this.

- T
email: teresa@ourlifewithmultiplesclerosis.com

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you T. Yes i see a regular doc & a neuro. Yes.. that is what it feels like when you put it that way, like electrical shock but constant. My Doc has decides to send me to the mayo clinic in arizona will see how it goes. Thank you for your concern T and keep in touch.

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hi angie... i also have ms, and i too get the buzzing feeling... i have what is called
Lhermittes Phenomenom....which is mostly always caused by ms.. it is inflamation in the spine, whic has we know ms does..when i bend my neck forward i get an electrical shock feeling down my back and spine, and it mildly passes through my body.....

i will add that , when i asked my doctor about the buzzing feeling you are describing, he had me sit in a chair and bend my neck forward and felt that shock down my spine!!! i had never felt that before , as it is not to commen to bend your neck forward very far often...he told it was this Lhermittes phenonmenom...some people with ms get this...

i notice it gets worse when i am tired (which is all the time), or i am in a relapse of my ms..

basicaly it is nerve damage to the spine from ms , and when tis inflamed when your tired depressed or whatever reason nerves get inflamed , it gets worse.

im not sure i have offered any help , but i my self am on copaxone, and baclofen helps the buzzing at times.. .. i also take Aleve , alot .. it doesnt take any pain away, or the buzzing, but it makes it a tiny bit more able to deal with..

see your doctor angie, only he or she can realy help , and get you on a med that might take some of the pain and buzzing feeling awy...

good luck and God Bless..

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Hi... it's me, Jennifer. I'm the woman who initially commented about the Candida overgrowth. You had mentioned wanting to discuss this further with me; and I would be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

As for "always having it"... I don't beleive that for an instant. For starters, the fact that our cells are always replenishing themselves is one factor; aside from researching on the internet the wonderful effects that raw food diets have on disease. There is one site that I'm going to recommend by the way - free information - called "raw and juicy" followed by the ".com"... where a woman healed herself using raw foods.

Now, the cause of her condition varied from ours... but, if you read her story, you will see that the underlying factors tie in. (What's more, they make sense!!!)

Despite what you may have been told, I would also say not to give up hope. My son has systemic Candida - but he was diagnosed as having Autism. I've had it under the guise of : Meningitis, COPD, Acne, and a whole host of other symptoms... some which mimic MS.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions; please feel free to contact me again.

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About January of this year, I started to have a buzzing feeling in my groin, strange feeling of fullness in my head and a static electric feeling around my head and face. I have read several post to WebMD about buzzing feeling in the groin area from both men and women.

I would not be surprised if these symptoms are caused by a virus, bacteria, or chemical pollution. 1) We live near a lake that was labeled a super fund site, lots of chemical pollution from former mining. The area is also a cancer cluster, the old timers call this place cancer island. I have been concern that I might have been exposed to heavy metal contamination from the water supply.

Another possible cause is stress. I have been under a lot of stress lately. To treat this I prepared and consumed, two cups per day, of St. John's Wort, valerian and clove tea to reduce anxiety. However, I still have the symptoms.

I also have scoliosis in two place on my spine. My symptoms may be caused by pressure on the nerve trunk. I am doing exercises to realign my spine. I will let you know how successful I am.

Anyway, if you have an idea of what is going on, I would like to hear back from you.



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Morning everyone, I too have had the buzzing feeling for several years. Mine is mostly located in my head and neck area. I have degenerative disc disease. Also on pain meds, they put on methadone for pain, gabepentin which neurontin. I just want to know have any of you with this condition have seen a Naturopathic doctor. If not I would recommend it highly. They treat these symtoms on a regular basis. Everyone has a separate rate of vibration, and the body when struck with disease will try and get your body vibration back to what may be called normal stasis. Accupuncture is another route I would suggest, they can clear blockages in the body which can cause every symtom I've heard commented on this subject. I don't give out medical advise, just commenting on what I hear. One last word of warning about going off Coumadin, if you're having a problem with it, it probably means you're on the wrong dosage. But stopping it was a bit disconcerting to me. My brother must take it everyday for PAD, he has had four surgeries to replace collapesed veins in his legs caused by blood clots. If he has one more they are going to remove his leg from the knee on down. I suggest all your doctors should be in communication with each other to treat all of your symtoms together. Good luck with that and blessings be to all that suffer.

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Hi, Angie. I'm an Ang and I write the neurological Lyme disease blog next to yours.Check it out. Ok, yes, I've felt the buzzing, the nausea, and was diagnosed with MS, primarily because I can no longer walk. WRONG. i went to a Lyme specialist and was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease. I just started IV antibiotics and, damn, I really do seem to be improving. The buzz and nausea is gone. Lyme specialists are few and far between, but the Lyme lab Igenex in Palo Alto, CA will surely give you a referral. This might be worth checking out. You might be surprised. Don't stop at oral antibiotics and certainly not at MS!

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I wanted to sort of reference/second/agree with this particular comment- That was posted by aberq Friday August 8, 2008 at 12:53 PM EDT This is comment #2918.


Does sound like your symtoms might be Lyme. Unfortunately testing for Lyme is not that accurate sometimes and diagnosis is clinial. I am more of a clinical case at this point. Have you gotten a IGG and IGM Western Blot test for Lyme?

I've been on oral antibiotics for 6 months now and am finally starting to feel better. I didn't feel well for 3 years. I had all kinds of symptoms including the buzzing in the neck, legs, heels, teeth/mouth, headaches, joint aches, gluten intolerance, jell-o legs, fatigue, light senistivity, chemical sensitivities/strong sense of smell, toxic feeling, tiny muscle twitches, nasuea, anxiety, increased stress, inability to think clearly, word issues, memory issues etc., etc. on and on.

I notice you posted this about a year ago. Figured I'd post up anyway, even if it is a year later.

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Hi, Angie. I really think you should heed Luckeeluke's comment. As one who was initially diagnosed with MS, I know what you're talking about. Are thoroughly convinced you have MS? Do you have all symtoms of MS? Luckeeluke is right: tests for Lyme are awful, and the best diagnosis is clinical. You need to see a specialist. A normal neurologist won't help you. Be stubborn. The medical profession is Lyme illiterate. I hate to say it, but you have to do your own research.Read, read, read. You don't have to remember being bitten.

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Reason:Buzzing feeling reduced or eliminated by neutralizing PH of body.

I too have suffered with strange buzzing feelings.

In the last week, I checked the PH level of my urine and found it to be 5.5. (I bought PH test strips from the local health food store).

Note: PH scale ranges from (acidity) 1 -> 7 (neutral) -> 14 (alkalinity). This is a log scale so every whole number change from 7 is a factor of 10.

I used a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water ( 3 or 4 glasses) and brought my PH to neutral in about 24 hours. Since then, I am starting to feel better, buzzing has reduced greatly (or stopped) and I am thinking more clearly.


1) Being very acidic affected several body systems (in particular, central nervous system) causing buzzing.

2) Viruses, bacteria, and mold thrive in acidic environment, expressing itself in a host of different illnesses (MS symptoms, Lyme disease, etc.)

2) Bringing the body back to neutral PH has allowed my body to begin healing itself.

3) B vitamins and homeopathic meds, speeds up the healing.

4) Designing a diet to maintain a neutral PH will hopefully prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Hopefully, this information will be of help to you.


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Sorry to read that you are having a bad time of it! I am having some of the same sensations as you. Also real loud ringing in my ears, dizzines, confusion, feel like a person has beaten me with a bat. I am falling and bruised...in general I feel terrible. I was diagosed a while ago by a Rheum. having Lupus with a negative ANA, but a very high CRP. Now I am having all these neurological issues and a Neurologist is runnung many tests, but suspects MS. I have had blood drawn and urinalysis (24 hour catch) and am being scheduled for an MRI of the brain/spine with and w/out contrast. I am scared to death and feel very isolated. My husband is a Doctor and is patient, but after dealing with life/death issues all day, well it's difficult. I have some "so called" friends who had a talk with me recently and let me know that they were upset that I have cancelled meeting them for "girl's night" a lot recently...even though I would call to tell them the issue, such as a migraine or passing a kidney stone. One woman asked "what has happened to you? I used to look up to you as the superstar woman who did everything and could keep on going?" Broke my heart...although I told her I never asked to be put on a pedestal!! I have had people asking where have you been......we never see you any more....getting tired of that one! I wake each day in the hope that it will be a "can do" day, but it usually ends up a Heinz 57 of symptoms. I feel bad when my husband asks me "how was your day?" each evening, because I feel like a broken record and he can tell when I am not being forthright and get's irritated. I know that some depression is present, but feeling sick most of the time and isolated would probably make most people feel that way. Is it me? Or do any of you feel isolated, misunderstood and guilty...etc.......

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I have had Buzzing in my body since August 2008.....
And sleeping problems too..
The Buzzing started in my feet, then went into my legs, then 9 months later, the buzzing was in the rest of my body....I went to alot of Dr's...They did not know the cause for this....Finally - my neurologist - prescribed a medicine called "Claritin" (This medicine is over the counter too)....I take the generic brand - "Loratadine" - 10 mg's - Every night...a few hours before bed...The very first night that I took this....I SLEPT a normal amount of hours.....AND.....The BUZZING IS MUCH BETTER !!!

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I too have encountered similar physical and social problems and not wanting to have to answer "how are you" because of the daily Heinz 57.

Cognitive problems that affect my social skills and executive functions are far more socially crippling than the other symptoms, particularly since they're "invisible" to people who don't live with me (and even my family, unfortunately - not uncommmon), and more often thought of in negative ways - and because they're unpredictable. It's easy for people to attribute the need for social withdrawal to laziness, stupidity, anti-social feelings that are intentional, etc. I feel the problem physiologically. I feel the brain not working as it should and not doing what it needs to do but it's not a matter of will or intelligence. Or depression.

I'm interested in knowing what tests you've had since posting and if you've received a satisfactory diagnosis. And are you symptomatic at this time.

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Definitely try a Western Blot IGA and IGG for Lyme Disease. If you haven't gotten one already.

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