i am looking for the best liver/colorectal cancer hospitals in the us

My uncle was misdiagnosed with diberticulitous after doctoring for a year and a half. They found a large tumor in his colon in an emergency room visit while on vacation. He now is in a fight for his life because the cancer has spread to his liver. His liver has some large tumors and quite a few. I am looking for help with cutting edge treatments and the best liver cancer hospitals. Please help and God bless. Thank you.

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Not sure where you are located but we have an excellent cancer clinic here in Central Florida. The Moffitt Clinic. I think it is in Gainesville or Orlando, but I am pretty sure it is in Gainesville. A friend of mine from work just had her father move down from Pittsburg, PA and he is receiving excellent treatment for his cancer and more positive results than he did up North. He was diagnosed at a level 3 when they found it. I will get the number for you if you like. I work for a dermatologist who is always referring patients there for melanomas, etc.

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I think that you will find that the treatments are fairly standard across the nation. In my opinion, I would get two or three opinions and then find a local facility to administer the chemo , if that is what the consciences is.

To answer your question: If you want the best, go to MD Anderson, Cancer Treatment Center of America or Wake Forest. If there are mets to the Peritoneal Lining, Wake Forest and MD Anderson are the best, in that order.

He should also, probably, look for any promising Clinical Trials.

I would be glad to provide you with links, if you want, but I am pressed for time at the moment...


God bless, Larry

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I dont know what side of the states you are in, but my sister just found out she has brain cancer and Slone-kettering (not sure of the spelling) in NYC is one of the best hosptal for cancer. Not ever sure you can get in but do consider them in your decision.

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MD Anderson, Wake Forest, Stone, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic. The normal course of mets is colon to liver to lungs. He'll have to find out what stage he's in and if it's in his lungs too.

If in the lungs, they may suggest a clinical trial. Right now, Avastin is the best chemo on the market for colorectal carcinoma but I don't know to what degree. It's by Genentech. You can take a look at their site or call them if that's an option.

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From working in a GI ofc., and working for surgeons (one being a colon/rectal surgeon) for many yrs., I can tell you that Mayo Clinic is one of the best hospitals for dealing with cancer. Mayo Clinic is located in MN, and I think the other one is in AZ.
When I was diagnosed with ca. Mayo Clinic reviewed my bx. and confirmed it. I ended up at Mayo Clinic for other problems I had, and I loved it there, I got the best care I've ever had. The hotel I stayed in was mostly pts. of the clinic so I got to talk to a lot of other people, and a lot of cancer pts that were up there, and they were very happy with the Drs. and the treatments.

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i live in NJ, I am a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering. 64th st ny ny mskcc.org click on type of cancer and the site is excellent as well as the hospital. Cancer.org can also assist. Although I have breast cancer newly treated, I am a friend of Bill W and have had to study the effects of cancer on the body. i strongly recommend to see what your insurance is associated with unfortunatly that is a factor and you do not need any added stress, Someone said to me - you control it, don't let is control you.

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