HPV Genital Warts and Disclosure

To Whom it May Concern:

Why isn't the fight against STDs becoming a bigger issue?! We live in a new age, we need new laws and new protocols. We need more accurate information and we need to be supplying better data.

What we need to do is make people Obligated by law to share their information BEFORE HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ANYONE if they are aware they have an INCURABLE STD. Most states you can only prosecute someone if they have AIDS or HIV and jump into bed with you without telling you. STDs that are incurable should join that list and people should stop being so SELFISH. I have been a victim of someone who did not believe they were morally obligated to share their STD status and was extremely surprised 5 months after we started dating and I was diagnosed. There is nothing worse than realizing someone you thought loved you just gave you HPV Genital Warts without believing or trusting that you would've given them the chance had they given you the choice. This is a FOR SURE end of a relationship EVEN if it continues on, you can almost guarantee this persons deceit and denial will constantly be seething from their soul. I am having a VERY hard time coping and hope that people realize NOT disclosing that information BEFORE you put someone at risk is WRONG.

I was just reading some information on the CDC website about HPV Genital Warts and was COMPLETELY DISGUSTED WHEN I READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH:

"It is not known how long a person remains contagious after warts are treated. It is also unclear whether informing subsequent sex partners about a past diagnosis of genital warts is beneficial to the health of those partners."

   [suhb-si-kwuhnt] Show IPA
occurring or coming later or after (often followed by to ): subsequent events; Subsequent to their arrival in Chicago, they bought a new car.
2. following in order or succession; succeeding: a subsequent section in a treaty.

They are saying that they believe it may not be beneficial TO MY HEALTH that the man who KNEW HE HAD HPV GENITAL WARTS AND KNEW HE COULD SHARE THEM to tell me he had them BEFORE we started sleeping together. To give me the CHOICE to have LIFE LONG MEDICAL CHANGES. I was diagnosed with HPV Genital warts on September of 2011, 5 months after being in a monogamous relationship with a man in the Army serving in Alaska and still after TEN months I am struggling. My vagina doesn't just have warts on it, I have increased discharge, extremely painful outbreaks through each and every menstrual cycle, I get 100% more yeast infections than I had ever had prior to having Genital Warts, my vagina SMELLS I shower and scrub and maintain a high standard of hygiene and still have an odor I can't get over. I have been to the doctor twice completely distraught over what I HAVE BEEN THROUGH WITH THIS VIRUS and that person didn't go with me to support me, he didn't pay the bills, he didn't catch my tears. I URGE YOU TO CHANGE THAT PARAGRAPH IMMEDIATELY IN EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE OF HPV GENITAL WARTS YOU HAVE EVER PUBLICIZED. I am living proof of complete honesty and I am telling you the information you have listed is wrong, visit a couple of GENITAL WART BLOGS and you will change your willy nilly tune.


Ticked off

P.S. Do you know how devastating it is to spend FIVE months on a person developing a relationship to have it crash down on you knowing it was based on a fear to tell the truth about themselves. Do you know what it feels like to be purposely HARMED?!?!

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