fever for more than a month

My brother in law has had a fever for over a month and half. He began with pain in his stomach. later on he began with a fever that as of today has not ceased. He was hospitalized and released because his only symptom was the fever. He has had 2 cat scan, 1 mri, they put the camera down his intestines, tons and tons of blood work, bone marrow test, spinal tab and so many other test and they only have found that his intestines are swollen along with his kidney but have yet to find a cause for it. He has also lost about 22 lbs. He gets tired very easily. Lately his fevers have begun to act up during the night and he has to change his shirt at least twice due to the excess fever sweat his body produces. now doctors want to do an "exploratory" surgery and open him up in many areas such as the kidneys, liver, intestines!!!
we are very desperate if any one can offer any input it would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have any answers for you... but I do know our Heavenly Father and He cares. Just know that I will pray for God to intervene on His behalf.


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Thank you so much, Connie.

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Just a quick question. What medications does he take? I took prevacid for heartburn and got an unexpalined fever. I had between a 102 and 105 for three days with no break. All of my bloodtests were fine. I had been on prevacid for over two years when it happened. I just suddenly had a fever and nobody knew why. Finally my OB looked up prevacid and found that in the very rare side effects, (they don't even list it on the regular info you get at the pharmacist with the drug) He happened to get out a big drug book that he had during med school that he normally does not reference and somehow found it. Anyway, he admitted me, gave me Benadryl and I stayed in the hospital until the half life of the med came and it was out of my system. The fever finallly broke and stayed away. I know that sounds simple, all of the other Docs who couldn't figure it out couldn't believe it. Even the drug rep for prevacid didn't believe it at first. You may have his doc look very thouroughly at every med he is on for anything including over the counter meds that he takes on a regular basis, even if he has been on them a long time with no fever. Hope this might help.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for your reply. He rarely uses motrin for headaches, other than that he had been pretty healthy. Last week the went in to see the specialist he had been seeing and basically the dr. told him that since the fevers couldn't be proven because they happen in the middle of the night now for what ever reason, (I don't know exactly how you can prove fevers, other than seeing them for yourself), that he could go back to work. But he still feels very weak and he still is loosing weight. So my brother in law decided to go out of state and get tested somewhere else. So far they found anemia, which was not found here with the specialist. I just hope he does get diagnosed soon. Once again thank you for your reply and your prayers.

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Hi Dancer,

I'm so sorry to hear about the difficultites your brother-in-law is having getting a diagnosis for his fever. Have they checked him for parasites? Sometimes a parasite infestation of the bowel can cause the symptoms that you are describing. And you don't have to travel outside this country to get a parasite infection, it can happen here as well.

Also, unfortunately, cancer can cause a fever when the cancer cells are dumping enough toxins in your system that your body reacts to those toxins. And your blood work can all look normal. I truely hope this is not the case.

I know that this has been a very frustrating experience for all of you and I pray that you will have answers soon. Please keep us up to date on what you find out. God Bless! Eileen

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Unfortunately, more than 10% of "fevers of an unknown cause" remain unknown. There is a long list of possible causes. Ajonesy, chambermaid and Eileen1941 are all correct. Also renal carcinoma, pulmonary embolism , fibromyalgia, vasculitis, or something as simple as an allergy to a pet.

I wish your BIL luck and please let us know if he finds out what the heck is causing this.

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Thank you all for your responses. My BIL is currently out of CA seeing other doctors. I will keep you posted as soon as we find out something. Thank you for your prayers and for taking time to respond. Thank you all.

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