Eye Whites Discoloration an Indication of Health?

I have a friend who refuses to accept the fact that the part of his eyes (which we call the "whites") have a yellowish/brownish discoloration to them. I said i know for a FACT this means that there is something internal going on with your health. He said he has gotten physicals and taken specific tests and he is and has been healthy. I don't believe him. Please tell me what the medical term is for the "white part" of the eye. Can you tell me what is normal condition for the whites of the eyes, and can you tell me does the discoloration ALWAYS mean there are health issues? What are those health issues and causes. What is the best way to get this tested?

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The white part of the eye is called the sclera, and it is normally white. When the sclera appears yellow/brown it typically indicates a liver problem/disease, but is a symptom of many illnesses. The first thing Doctors test for when the patient has "yellow eyes" is hepatitis, which is the fastest and easiest disease to rule out. Good luck getting your friend to the Doctor, he REALLY needs to be seen!

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