I have 5 boils/cysts between my stomach, inner upper thighs and buttocks and they are very painful. I have gotten them before but everytime i go to the emergency room the cyst are cut open but i am never told y i get them or how i can be cured from getting them again.

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I too have suffered with them all my life, they would come up be very painful and eventually would drain and go away, As to what they are is a bacterial infection on your skin, most are harmless, hot compresses till they come to a head and pop them and they drain and heal, what you must be carefull of is that you do not have a MRSA Staff Infection. They comes up as boils that are more than painfull, and the surrounding skin gets very inflamed, an the pain is very deep down worse than usual boils (which I agree hurt anyway). But if it is a Mrsa staff you must be treated at a hospitol or a dermagolagist office who will lance it and test it, and take the serious treatment of no pencillin antibiotics, most use others. If it is a Mrsa and ignored it can kill you, don't want to scare you, but it is something to get diagnosed correctly and treated seriously. If they feel like the usual boils you get, the like I said soak with warm water, lance them and put an antibiotic cream till it heals, and look into what you are wearing underwear or tight clothing, or ingrown hairs are contributors.

Good Luck

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Get checked also for diabetes. I had a boil reoccure many times, never knew I was diabetic yet but other things showed up like sore feet and even a few other things which finally made my doc test for diabetes and sure enough I was a full fleged diabetic. Boils and yeast infections and sore feet are some of the complications that are not on the list in brochures to look for and yet I still have none of the symptoms they tell us to look for like thirst, frequent urination or dry mouth. Be sure and get all of the angles checked.

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I have been getting boils since I was 15. They are always only on my torso. I have been to many Doctors, family Doctors, dermos, etc... been on special soaps, lotions, medications and so on but no one can tell me why they come and they certainly can't keep them from coming. They always tell me that it's an internal infection or it could be an ingrown hair. I have noticed on my own though that if I refrain from using bath powder, I don't get as many. I always use boil ease with a bandage... it REALLY helps better than Prid.

Good luck!

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Ditto! I am confused about why you are going to the ER for excision though. This is something that should be examined and biopsied in the physician's office, more specifically in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office.

I have had them and now my daughter is getting them; she is 12. I am frustrated for her. Most likely it is exacerbated by obesity; the excess fatty tissue decreases your circulation in these areas, and there is less air circulation which promotes yeast and bacterial growth on your skin in these areas.

The conservative approach is to treat it with a broad spectrum antibiotic (if it is believed to be foliculitis - these resemble a cyst/boil without a white head and feel solid like a pea or marble under the skin). If that is not effective or you have many, or a recurrance then a culture should be done (like a biopsy); this determines what organism is causing the infection and what antibiotic will effectively kill it. Usually this will require a small incision and stitches unless they can do a needle biopsy. Most often though a needle biopsy will be ineffective.

Lastly if this is apparently recurrent you may need to stay on an antibiotic indefinitely to prevent it. This is what my daughter is doing. She has multiple scars from it, and she is also using a cleanser called Duac/BenzoClin. This cleanser is by rx only and is combo 5% Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin (topical antibiotic). This is the same thing they do for resistent recurrent acne. Good luck!

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Hello I have two boils under my arms been getting them since January this year . I tried antibiotics and they go away but keeps comming back , the doctors say to keep them clean with a antibacteria soap and keep dry and let them bust open and drain and keep a warm compress on them for comfort . they pop up when the immune system is stressed and its a sign of an infection but your body is fighting it . the time to go to the emergency room is when you are running a fever over 102 and you are weak and muscle are very sore and there are no drainage and the boils are as big as a nickle .

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I don't have any scars when they go away you barely can tell if I had any boils when they drain and dry up they go completely away they only pop up under my arms no where else on my body. The only time to get a biopsy is when they are not draining,and they are not going away then its consider a lump and not a boil.

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