Can't Hold My Pee

This is very emberrasing but I can't hold my pee.
It has already been a week like this. I'm 20 years old and have never had anything like this happen to me before. I am shy to go to the doctor and I don't know what to do.
I feel that I am full, but there is no urge to pee. Then suddenly it just comes out. I go to the washroom - nothing. I get up, I feel it come out.
I have had pains in my lower back and I always feel full but i'm not sure if these are related to each other.
I don't even know which doctor to go to.
Oh, and there is also some white stuff coming out as well.
I am comfused and don't know what to do.

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Go see your regular physician. It could be a kidney infection, a yeast infection, a UTI? Let them check you out. You'll be back to normal before you know it.

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It can be that easy, see the doc before it is not. My mom had a sudden problem happen to her and she let it go a while, turned out she had a slight ongoing infection in the bladder. They gave her pills and a cream that works it's way up to where it does the work and an exersize to do every day and she is fine and yet she thought it was a thing of age. She had the same symptoms you have so don't be embarrased about it, the embarrasing part will be when something bad happens in a store or in public somewhere.

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The other two replies are correct, you definitely need to see a doctor. Since I am a diabetic, I am susceptible to yeast and urinary tract infections. If you are hurting in your back and feeling full but can't urinate when you go to the bathroom, or are having to pee a lot it is probably a urinary tract infection. If you don't go to the doctor it will only get worse...sometimes you will get blood in your urine. Does it burn or hurt if you go to the bathroom or after you pee? They will just give you an antibiotic, tell you to drink plenty of water or cranberry juice and you will start feeling better in a hurry. You can also get a fever with a UTI, feel nauseated.
Also, yeast infections can act a little like a UTI. The infection causes you to be irritated and have problems peeing. The doctor will give you one pill (Diflucan) and it will start making you feel better within a day.
You need to go to a doctor regularly anyway, because girls your age need pap smears, too.
Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

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im like this to except im a boy i always feel like something bothering me to pee but when i go either i get pee or not and sometimes i go an extemely long time without peeing thinking shouldnt i have had an urge to pee yet so i just go on my own with no urge to pee or a feeling of a full bladder and pee comes out its really confusing ive been to doctors already and they dont know what to say besides drink plenty of water and take antibiotics have you found anything out about yourself yet if you have been to a doctor i could really usesome help on this to

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