baby after 45

Do think it's crazy or healthy or un-healthy to have a baby after 45?

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As you probably already know, having a baby at age 45 has its risks. For instance, a woman is born with all of the eggs in her ovaries that she will ever produce in her life. That being said, by age 45, depending on your health and lifestyle, all the eggs left are older and put your baby more at risk for birth defects such as Down's Syndrome. The risk for Down's Syndrome doubles each year after age 36. If you are able to conceive, another thing to consider is your own health. If you are a healthy, fit, active 45-year-old, a pregnancy would not be as difficult on your body as if there were other risk factors such as obesity, smoking, or other health problems. Advanced maternal age categorizes a woman as being high risk, as older women are more likely to have complications such as gestational diabetes, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, and a pregnancy could exacerbate an already existing health condition. Another thing to consider is advanced paternal age. They didn't used to think the age of men affected the quality of their sperm, but new studies show that with advanced paternal age, comes more risk for birth defects. I don't know at what age or if there is an age that a more rapid deterioration occurs.
Having a baby after age 45 is not unheard of. Many women have had healthy pregnancies and healthiy babies. Mostly it depends first on your ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy(many older women have difficulty conceiving) and how healthy your body is in its current state. I know 45-year-olds that look abd feel 30 and I know others that look and feel 55. Anyone considering conceiving should see a doctor, preferably who specializes in Pregnancy and women, an OBGYN. Anyone considering trying to conceive should take a prenatal vitamin every day even before conceiving.
One should consider all risks, benefits, and options. Something else to consider is that you will be raising a teenager in your early sixties. My mother helps me with my children and she is in her early sixties and claims she just doesn't have the patience or energy she did when she was raising me.
I wish you luck and hope this information was helpful to you.

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I can see the health risks, both for mother and child when a late baby is involved. I would never want to take the risk of bringing a possible impaired child into being.

I can see where as mature adults we now have the patience, understanding, experience and foresight to appreciate a new life as well. To pass our experiences and knowledge to a child and inspire them to be a thing of wonder would be great.
Funny how this post happened right now because I have been wondering about the same thing. Though I am the guy, the oppurtunity to raise a baby again and quote Do It All Over Again end quote has such a romantic appeal about it.
The responce posted to this by the other person does put it all into perspective about the BIG picture though. Lots of information to digest.

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Would I recommend having a baby after 45? Probably not, but I did so. I was a bit careless about taking my birth control pills and found myself pregnant at 47. I had a healthy, happy baby boy when I was 48. My pregnancy was much harder than the previous two. I weigh quite a bit more than I did during the other pregnancies. But I didn't gain any weight, because I followed a diabetic diet. I had gestational diabetes this time. Also, hypertension. I worked full time; I only worked part time during the other prenancies. I felt like all I did was work and try to sleep. I had restless leg syndrome and found it impossible to get comfortable at night. I'd find myself taking a hot bath to relax at midnight or later. I was tired all the time. I worried about Down's Syndrome. I am pro-life, so I didn't have testing for it, because I wouldn't have had an abortion regardless.

But, I have a 15 month old son that is "perfect", according to his doctor. He has no known health problems of any sort. He's only been sick enough to need antibiotics once in his life. His older sister(23 years old) and older brother (18 years old) love him more than I would have thought possible. They are very comfortable taking care of him, playing with him, helping him. They have been tremendously helpful to me; I'm not as young as I used to be! If they have children, they'll know how to care for a baby without too much help.; although, my 18 year old son still won't change diapers!

Though I wouldn't have chosed to have a baby this late in life, I'm very thankful for my unexpected blessing.

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