Atena Vs Cigna

Can any one tell me if they know anything about Atena or Cigna health insurance please help I have to decide soon.

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I know a "little" about insurance companies as I work for a dermatologist and deal a lot with patients who call in with questions about their bills. Are Aetna and Cigna your only 2 choices? If so, are the plans for HMO or PPO? PPO is much better as far as coverage goes. HMO's tell you what doctors to go to and if you go out of network they generally pay nothing to cover you. PPO's give you a list of prefered providers to choose from and will pay the standard fees they allow. The doctors charge you what the insurance tells them to and then you are responsible for what the insurance does not pay. If you go to a doctor not on the list they will cover a certain percentage depending on the plan you have but most times Non-PPO doctors charge more than PPO and you are responsible for the difference. I do know that it is harder to find a PPO doctor that takes Aetna or Cigna. My daughter has Aetna herself (fortunately PPO and not HMO) and has a hard time finding providers. I find that Blue Cross/Blue shield is the easiest insurance to find providers for and most doctors do accept it. If BC/BS is not an option, your best bet is to just read through the plans for both Aetna and Cigna as they are both about equal from what I can tell from dealing with people that have it and try to stay with a PPO plan rather than an HMO plan. I hope this makes some sense to you.

Overall though, I feel that insurance has become very confusing and complicated and I can understand your dilema in choosing a plan. As time goes on it seems like they are charging higher premiums and covering less and less. I also feel they have way too much control over what they cover. For instance, a year ago my doctor ordered an MRI and the insurance said I did not need it. How would they know when they are not the doctor. After two months of arguing with them they finally relented and covered my MRI. I have seen the same thing happen with many people on that. You just have to fight with them once in a while to get the coverage you have paid for them to cover.

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