intravenous erythromycin

Good morning all. The doctor decided not to go through with my feeding tube. She wants me to try everything else first. They are admitting me on Monday to try the Intravenous Erythromycin. Does anyone have experience with that?I had the bad side effects of the pill form.
She also suggested giving me the gastric emptying study again to see if my motility rate has changed. I've lost 15-20 pounds since the first one. Don't think it changed too much. I'm scared my gastroparesis really got better and I've mentally been keeping my symptoms going.

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I've never had IV erythromycin, only the pill form. I'm glad that you will be in the hospital for this, because I would think that if you had bad side effects from the pill form, they will only repeat or be worse with the IV. I hope I'm wrong on this. Don't worry about the repeat GES -- I'm sure that your symptoms are not all in your head.
Love and Light, Candace

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