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Can someone explain to me why you need both a G and J tube?

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A G tube is an option for a person that does not have challenges with their stomach. Like if they had trouble swallowing but their digestion was fine. A G tube is also used to "vent" for people who have excess gas or other things they need to get out of their stomachs.

A J tube is good for a person who have trouble digesting from their stomachs. It bypasses the stomach and goes straight to the small intestine.

A GJ tube is a tube that goes in to the stomach and it has another tube that goes down to the first part of the small intestine.

Hope this helps.

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I just don't understand why I would want a GJ instead of just a J. I have an NJ right now and I don't need to vent with it so why would I if I got a different tube. It's confusing.

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I know where exactly where you are coming from! I had a G/J tube placed last January. I didn't understand either. Just a couple of months ago in October I had been hospitalized and G/J tube was removed and a J Tube placed. When I asked my GI Specialist about the difference this is what he told me... G/J Tube are easier to place and for shorter time periods. They want to see how your body reacts and if this really is the best route. J Tube is for long term care and feeding.

Now that I have had both, I can tell you my personal pros and cons.

G/J was placed higher and right in the center and I could not sleep on my stomach any longer! Recovery was really hard!!! They cut through all those muscles and layers of tissue! I couldn't move! The pro was that I could use a seringe to pump my "poop tea" into my stomach every night before bed! I can't stand the taste and use to gag it down! It did the job and man I was thrilled!!!

The J Tube I have now and am still healing from has its own pros and cons. Now it is placed lower and to the left side towards my bellybotton. It is just as long and still sucks in that area! Especially since I am allergic to the glue on the medical tapes! It is also cut and stitched into my small intestine and then stitched again to my skin to hold it in place! If it get pulled for any reason, it kills me!!! I did not have that problem with G/J.

What I can also tell you is that with both G/J and J Tube I have had infection after infection! In have been on antibiotics for 6 straight months and hospitalized for 3 weeks and Still fighting infections! GI wants to send me to Infection and Desease Specialist to be seen and treated. It has not been a fun road. But I am getting the nutrients I need to survive!

At this point is't about what you personally want to put up with and can mentally handle. There are no perfect solutions for any of us and unfortinately there will always be a pro and con for everything!

My husband gets frustrated with the infections as I do but for me...it's better than eating and being sick or vomitting all the time!


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Thank you so much! I really think I need a tube. My NJ has given me strength again and I'm honestly not sure I'd be alive without it. I think you helped me understand a lot better.

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