Vasectomy Reversal or IVF?

Hello. It dawned on me today that I could join a support group to deal with all this fertility stuff!

I'm a 37 year old woman and my partner (40 years old) had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. He has two children. I have none and desperately want to have a child. We live in a fairly small community but have access to a bigger city about an hour and a half away.

My question is... any advice on whether to try a vasectomy reversal or just go straight to IVF? One issue I should mention is that during his vasectomy there was a complication on one side. He developed a hematoma on that side and one urologist said he may have a difficult time connecting that side during the procedure.

Also, we aren't poor, but we aren't incredibly wealthy either. Middle of the road- with not a lot of money to spare, so every decision counts!

Any advice is welcome. I feel so confused and a bit lost in all this. It's very overwhelming and we haven't even started!

Many thanks.

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