This Nightmare Continues...Miscarried

Last Monday night, I miscarried at almost 6 weeks. We were pregnant with possible twins. I am completely devastated, shocked, confused, and somewhat hopeless. This was our first FET transfer after one failed IVF fresh cycle transfer of one 5 day excellent embryo back in October (I was endanger of OHSS). We transferred 2 5 day embryos with our FET One was susposedly excellent while the other one was good and already hatching. My first beta was 374 and then 6 days later it was 5,022. Everyone said those were very strong numbers and maybe even twins! At my first ultrasound there were two sacs, but one was really small. Our doctor said it would probably not make it and to expect bleeding, but he said the other one looked really strong. Although we were sad, we were just so thankful for one! A week went by and on Friday I started spotting and cramping lightly. Everyone said that was normal! Saturday it stopped and Sunday it started again. Monday it continued and by lunch it was worse. I am of course a nervous wreck! I go to the RE on Monday and they were both still there!!! The doctor really didn't know why I was bleeding maybe the vanishing twin, maybe blood vessels. That Monday night around 10 the bleeding and cramping got really bad. I knew something was wrong. That continued til about 3 in the morning. I went back to the RE on Tuesday and they were both gone!!! What happened?? Where do I go from here? We have one frozen left, that to me seems pointless. Do I try IVF again, or is that a waste of time and money? What questions do I ask my RE when we go back? Any advice is appreciated.

I am 25 and my AMH level is 1.7. My husband has low sperm and morphology. He is 32.

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