AF - are you coming or not???

This was our last month to try to conceive naturally before revisiting IUI/IVF so I was eagerly awaiting my period (sounds funny to say that!)

For some reason, since I was feeling anxious, I decided to take a pregnancy test on Wed before my expected period and it was negative. My period was supposed to come on Thursday but it hasn't shown up yet 4 days later and I have been having white discharge (sorry if its TMI!). My period is never late but I also was pretty sick last week and am still recovering so I was thinking its late due to stress/sickness. Each time I go to the bathroom so nervous to see if AF has showed up! So this morning, with no sign yet of my period, I finally let myself get a bit excited, but then I just went to the bathroom and noticed a slight pinkish hue on my panty liner and that got me sad :( AF is coming...its amazing how we learn so many details about our bodies through this journey.

For the past couple of days I kept joking with my husband that he should be extra nice to me since I could after all be "potentially pregnant." I was trying to keep it light and positive and not get so consumed by the idea because if I do get my period then we can move onto IUI and then IVF if we need to. There is a plan in place...but how nice it would have been to be like all the "others." Silly me. Sometimes I just feel so robbed of those special moments. Like getting to take a home pregnancy test and having it be positive and sharing that special moment with your partner.

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