Will my surrogate's insurance cover her pregnancy?

So I have a big, $45,000 question: how can I tell if my surrogate's health insurance will cover her being pregnant with our embryo (egg and sperm from intended parents, so she'll make no genetic contribution).

In her Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO of Illinois plan, listed under general exclusions, is the phrase "surrogate parenting." No further info. Does it mean the plan doesn't cover her being a surrogate for us or her hiring a surrogate for her own use--or something else entirely? I've spoken to more than one lawyer about the phrasing and no one can parse it comfortably. I also spoke (anonymously) with more than one customer service rep and received conflicting information (yes and no) so that didn't help.

One lawyer advised that given the vagueness, we should just try the insurance if the pregnancy takes place and if they deny the claim somewhere through the process, I could active the New Life surrogate insurance policy back-up plan (which is intended for when a surrogate's own insurance starts denying claims) and then pay the $45,000 for the full insurance package. The lawyer said doing this is neither illegal or unethical.

I wonder if anyone out there has had experience in this situation (and with using the New Life back-up plan). Our surrogate is a close friend who is doing this for us as a gift; she is reluctant to use her own insurance for fear that if she makes too many claims (like with a new pregnancy), they may cancel the policy. Given the new protections in the Affordable Care Act and the fact that the insurance comes through her employer, I don't think she can lose her insurance for "overuse"--it's not like a car insurance policy. Getting fired from her job would be the only way to lose employer-provided insurance. I want to do everything to make her happy but not spending $45,000 on redundant insurance would make me happy.

Anyone would could suggest resources or relate experience related to this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey, sounds good to me. 45 thousand sounds like a lot but in the US that's a good price

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When I was pregnant we went to the states while I was 33-34 weeks two days and I couldn't find any travel insurance to cover me and my last child was born a month early. Some would cover me and not the baby. WTF. Lucky for us we were both covered it turned out to 36 weeks travel through my husbands work.

I was going to cancel before I found out we were covered because we live in Canada and the government covers everything here.
If I had him early like my first son, by c section and he had to stay in the NICU the bill would have been around a million dollars so in that perspective you can't go wrong with full coverage for 45 thousand. Good luck sweetie.

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I don't know anything about surrogacy, but I can't help wonder why any insurance company would pay pregnancy expenses for someone to be a surrogate. She should call her insurance company, but I would guess that the exclusion "surrogate parenting" means that they would not cover either prenatal care nor delivery etc.

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Well, I was told that insurance covers pregnancy no matter how you got pregnant (I did DE and they wouldn't cover infertility but said once I got pregnant, I'd be covered). I would think her insurance would cover the pregnancy (since it's in her body) even if she plans to pass the baby along to you. How is it much different than giving a child up for adoption? Maybe it means that your insurance will not cover another person carrying your baby.
But I have no experience, I am just speculating.

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Every insurance policy is different. There are some that will cover the pregnancy (our surrogate has one of those policies) but some exclude surrogate pregnancies. I'm guessing that since it's even mentioned, they probably don't cover it but that's just a guess. Honestly, $45,000 sounds like a lot for an insurance policy to me. I have heard of intended parents paying around $20,000 but not as high as $45,000. You may want to do some research online and find some boards that have gestational carriers and intended parents to get some names of insurance companies that will write policies for surrogate pregnancies.

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