What is a good Sperm Count for IUI?

Hello, I just had my third and final IUI this morning. The nurse that did the IUI said that DH had "an absolutely great count" with 26 million. I didn't really pay much attention to the count with the first two IUI's b/c neither of those nurses made a big deal about it. While this nurse certainly made me feel much more hopeful than i had been about the possibility of an IUI actually working i am curious about the numbers.

Do you all know what an average sperm count is for an IUI?

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I don't know with fresh sperm, but spermbanks guarantee 20 million after thawing -- so it looks like your 26 passes the test with flying colors!

good luck!

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Wow! That's amazing! I know our RE pinpoints 5 million as the ideal minimum after the wash - your 26 million is incredible!

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Thanks ladies, this is going to be a very long 2ww- it has only been 24 hours and i just want to know the results so that i know whether or not i am moving on to IVF. UGGGHHHHH

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Just wanted to wish you good luck!

-Jen J.

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I never had that many. Most of my counts were in the 3 to 5 million.

Good luck.

Baby dust is being sent to you.

Jamie : )

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Same here as with Jamie....we just never had that many! Congrats on the big numbers. Hope it brings you your baby! Good Luck.

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Anything over 1 million washed sperm is acceptable for IUI but the higher the better. Your husband's sperm count is excellent, so count yourself lucky! My old doctor had a patient who got pregnant with 0.5 million and IUI (a story that he repeated multiple times).

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quick question...is it weird to have big numbers? can there be a too big number?
i ask because my dh's #s for our 3 iuis were around 50 million, 29 million, and 41 million respectively. yet, still no go. could it be a bad thing if there are too many?
the nurse said the motility and all that was good, but...
just curious.

shawnna...i wish you tons of luck!!! hugs to you.


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Jenn- Those #'s must be incredible, i can't imagine that the # can be too high but then again who knows :)

Thanks for all for your support and encouragement. I looked around on the internet today and the most info. i could find was that they consider anything over 10 million to be a good count.

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Jenn, I think those are normal numbers. I've read 20-150 million is considered "normal", with 40-60 million being the average.

One interesting tidbit I've read is that the average for all men has fallen over the past decades. I don't know if it's really true. Anyone else read this?

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My new RE said 10 million progressive motile sperm after the wash is the goal. We haven't had more than 5 million and no success. Here's hoping for good numbers for our last IUI on Sunday.

Good luck with the 2WW. I'll be a couple of days behind you.


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I also have read that sperm count has gone down over time. Apparently it is controversial topic. Some agree it is true and other studies have contradicted it. Go figure...

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Good luck to you! It looks like we are in the same boat, I had my 3rd and final IUI on 1/4/09. If it didn't work, we will be moving on to IVF.
Sending hugs your way. Keep me posted after you get your blood work results.

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