What if you DON'T want a Czech clinic or child?

For a variety of personal reasons (including a kidnapping maniac Czech woman we know personally) we object to CR on moral grounds, yet that seems the primary piece here, any place for advice for those who want a better place?

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I would recommend that you edit your post to "shared with members" vs. "shared with public" - as it is, it can be searched and viewed by anyone on the internet which tends to make folks less likely to respond.
Then... I get that you don't want to use the CR, but please respect that not all of us have your opinion, so comments like "a better place" and "moral grounds" (in reference to a whole country/nationality) are off putting. I had an amazing experience, but can also respect it would not be your choice.
There are other places to cycle. Spain, Ukraine, and I think also South Africa, Panama, and maybe Greece. The majority here do seem to cycle in the CR, but we support anyone who cycles anywhere. You might check PVED (parenting via egg donation) as another option for exploring other countries/clinics. Maybe even fertilityfriends.uk
A fellow resolve member IVFtraveler might also have information for other european clinics (although I am more familiar with her for CR). Best wishes in your journey.

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Oh, and Slovakia - unless that is too close to the CR for your liking.

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You can always pay $35, 000 and do it in the United States.

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or use frozen eggs.

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Or u can do what I did: do it in the states but negotiate fiercely to keep costs down.

My thoughts were: this is a highly competitive field with MANY agencies and clinics. I will only work with a clinic that has good stats (based in the CDC and SART charts), with a RE willing to answer my questions thoroughly, listen to my wishes (in my case ESET blast transfer), who would also return calls HIMSELF promptly. For ME that was Dr. Buyalos at FSAC in Thousand Oaks, CA. He was GREAT. His nurse, Arlene Rhys, who oversees their in- house donor pool and who guides IPs through DE cycles is also FANTASTIC.

My agency was The Genesis Agency of Beverly Hills, rep. Lisa Chiya, who was GREAT when we worked with her three years ago. I advise IPs to contact agencies, ask questions, and negotiate.

Good luck to all!


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Lisa, I am in Mass which is a hike from CA. My first choice would be Mexico(cheaper usually than flying to CA) but also having a VERY hard time finding info from those who have cycled there. I can find oodles on Czech here, from ivftraveler and pved and global (which with 2008 stats seems outdated). Other places for info?

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I personally know of a clinic in Guatemala - the owner also owns a pharmacy which has the distribution of a lot of fertility meds for central america (i purchased my meds through them). I believe a fresh cycle with them is about USD 5k and i inderstand succes rates are comparable to US. PM me if you want the details.

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The American surrogacy center (TASC) also has boards where one can advertise for a donor, etc.

My suggestion to you is to research the stats of clinics and REs in your area, compile a list of YOUR questions, go in and interview them. Ditto for agencies in your area.

This is a highly lucrative, competitive field (for vendors). My best advice is educate yourself with statistics, etc. Go in person to meet and negotiate and never let anyone pressure you into anything you have doubts about.

Good luck!

Mom after many sad setbacks
Including two cancelled DE cycled...

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in Colombia

I go there, they are great.

But I would just add, that your child would not be "Czech", it would be a Massachusets kid just like everybody else it grows up with. Nationality isn't genetic. Just as my child OE or DE will be half USAmerican, and half Colombian, reflecting mom and dad.

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Sounds like your objections are more associations rather than having an issue with the clinic in CR.

I'm currently in my last cycle, but should it not work, we have all of our paperwork already sent to a clinic in South Africa. Lots of women cycle there as well.

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A couple of clinics in Guadalajara, Mexico I am personally familiar with are New Hope Fertility Centre (associated with New Hope in NYC) and Instituto Vida. Both very professional with great care.

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esperanzababy - I totally respect your opinion. But please be mindful and remember that this "support" site is open for women across the country. We are all on here for different struggles and come here for the support. Some women might live or be closely connected to Czech and feel hurt by your post. Again, this should be a safe place for us, and clearly you are looking for advice which I respect. We just all have to remember what we write might affect others negatively. I wish you all the best in finding a clinic you feel most comfortable with!

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Will you suggest some possible contacts of people who have been there? That really is what I am looking for now, being able to communicate with others who have been there.

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The goal of all groups in Inspire is to provide support to everyone that needs it. We believe that having public as the default helps spread the word and raise awareness. The more we can make the group "findable" for people who really need help and don't know where to go, the better. We want people to find us quickly and easily and our statistics tell us that most find us via search engines. That is why we believe "public" is the right default.

We recognize that not all members want to have their posts or stories public so we make it easy for you to be completely anonymous. You can make all your discussions and journals "members" or "friends" and choose not to participate in "public" discussions. If you feel your screen name is not anonymous enough, you can request a change here:

We want everyone to receive the support and help they need while continuing to make it easy for members to choose their own level of privacy based on what they are most comfortable sharing.

That said, please do not advise members which preference to choose for their posts. If there is a public post and you want to share information with that member, add them as a friend and you can send private messages to them.


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Well, I wouldn't necessarily say "better" because Czech is generally well respected for donor egg IVF, but certainly there are other countries that offer good options.

Other alternatives that are low cost are Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, South Africa, and Spain and even the UK are options if you are willing to pay more. Barbados is also low cost (but you'd have to use an egg donor agency if you want a caucasian donor).

There have been some mixed reviews (some good, some less satisfactory) from Panama, Mexico, Columbia - but if you are Spanish speaking I think much of that can be overcome or you can set expectations of your requirements and be proactive in the communication. India also has had some mixed reviews,and typically would require getting an outside donor if you want a caucasian donor.

And of course, there are some frozen donor egg programs in the US that financially fall between overseas prices and fresh egg donor prices in the US.

With anywhere you go, I think you need to understand a bit about the culture and population to get a sense of the likely donors and know what to expect based on culture and customs. I think both positive and negative feedback are helpful, because oftentimes you can evaluate the nature of the negative feedback to decide if it is an issue for you or not.

Wishing you the best with whatever you decide.

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Have you considered embryo adoption as an alternative?

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IVF traveler, I think you have answered a major question I did not know I had. No, I am not looking for a Caucasian child, quite the opposite. The health issues of whiteness (higher likelihood of skin cancer and myopia) are concerns, but also, being a mixed person myself (though I look white) I know that children who are mixed are far more likely to find those that reflect themselves in today and tomorrow's societies. But searching for Caucasian children would explain the flocking to CR. I have looked at Spain but it is hard to get solid information--I only want to travel once and most places wanted us there at least twice. Also, Mexico is far cheaper and easier for travel--and more fun as I am in New England and sunny places are always nice. Yes, I am Spanish-speaking so that would not be an issue.

I have a hard time with the term embryo adoption (being staunchly pro-choice) but I have looked into it and it is not much cheaper from what I've found and we want to use my husband's sperm.

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You're right, embryo donation (aka embryo adoption) won't allow you to use your husband's sperm, so I think you're likely on the right track by focusing your attention on fresh egg donation somewhere with donors with skin color/characteristics that you desire.

If you were open to afro-carribean, I think Barbados might be a good choice to check into too! I have had discussions with them and they have quite good sucess rates and I've heard very positive reviews from people I've talked to who pursued treatment there (even ones who did not get pregnant had a good experience). They are also very on top of the immune testing and treatment in case that is important for you. So, just one more place to add to your explorations, and a pretty nice place to vacation too!


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Ivftraveler, the name of the Barbados clinic and prices?

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I can PM you some details.

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