What do you feel during those 2 weeks?

Had my transfer Monday. It's my 4th IVF. We transferred 3 embies; a 6, 7, and an 8. It was a day 3 transfer. Now I'm trying not to think too hard about physical symptoms like headaches, abdominal twinges, you know! Does anyone have any words of wisdom they could impart to me? I'm a little nervous and sincerely appreciate the feedback-Thanks!

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Just relax....think about beautiful places, listen to nice music, watch romantic movies (with happy end :)...The best thing you can do at this point just stay calm and relax, do something enjoyable. Time will fly quick. Wish you good luck and BFP!!!

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I cant answer from a personal experience (we are starting our lupron injections tomorrow and IVF next month. but...i had a friend who went through this (successfully) the other year and she said she did not have 1 symptom. Her Dr. told her she probably wound not. She said also she looked for every little thing and drove herself crazy..but she honestly felt nothing to the point she swore it didnt take..And it did and now she has a beautiful baby girl! She also said she did everything by the book. Bed rest 2 full days and did nothing for that 2 week wait. For the bed rest she told her husband she was laying on the sofa all day long and was ONLY getting up to use the bathroom. Then the rest of the wait she took it really easy and ate healthy and got lots of rest. I have heard from multiple people how important it is to take great care of yourself in that wait and do EVERYTHING by the book. best of luck to you and I hope you get great news!!!!!!!!

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I've had many BFNs and a BFP. Everytime, halfway through I told DH, "It didn't work again." You really can't tell until the very end!!! Good luck!

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I'm early in my 3rd IVF/ICSI cycle. The 2 ww is not fun that's for sure & you can drive yourself crazy with the symptoms. Just remember, if you're on progesterone it can mimic pregnancy symptoms. Also, if you are pregnant (and I'm praying hard that you are!) you'd be so early on in the pregnancy you probably wouldn't have any symptoms. Try your best to relax. There's a wonderful fertility meditation cd by Anji. It's so relaxing & soothing. There's one specifically for IVF. The very best of luck to you!

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My two failed FET cycles, I definitely had symptoms. I felt all the implantation twinges, was extra tired, got out of breath easier....one was ectopic, one was chemical. My first FET, I had NO symptoms. I even POAS the day of my first beta (they don't tell us the results until our second) and it was negative. Guess what...I have an 18 month-old DD from that cycle. SO, you really can't tell.

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I just try to keep myself as busy as possible (not stressful, but occupied). I then give myself down time at night to reflect and relax, but not enough time to go nuts. I'm currently 4dpFET, so I'm in the same boat. I hope we both get our BFPs!!


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