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Has anyone been told they need to gain weight? I have PCOS and do not have periods. When I started TTC a 18 months ago I weighed 115 and now I have dropped to 110. I cannot seem to gain any weight. I have been on rounds of Clomid and Femara and now am told it is time for injections.

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Have they checked your thyroid?

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I had the same thing told to me - my weight had nothing to do with my IF. Maybe have your thyroid checked and get a second opinion.

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Would be worth talking to your RE about it. If your thyroid checks out OK you could talk to someone who understands fertility and has nutritional knowledge. nutritional advice on websites like naturally knocked up offer good tips on the right kinds of things to eat. As long as you are eating enough, not under weight and eating the right kind of things perhaps this is enough and don't worry too much about your weight.

No one told me to put weight on until I met a Western/European tradition herbalist. I thought I had a healthy diet but they were able to tell me I wasn't getting enough protein. I was also asked to let go a bit and let myself put on weight. I had lost weight over the time of TtC probably due to cutting out alcohol and worry.

The very next cycle I got pregnant. (After TTC for over a year and being told my chances were very low, I would need to fast track to IVF). I carried my baby 15 weeks before I miscarried. I was sick and had dropped to the low end of the bmi scale. It was devastating, but I have hope.

I don't know which change in my life helped me get pregnant, but I am currently trying to fatten up to higher in the safe zone of the bmi scale. I feel like I eat all the time and it's much more varied than before. As my RE would say "it can't hurt" and she was really encouraging of the supplements. I was surprised I got pregnant and felt although we can't know or sure, it's all helping in some way.

I hope this helps in some way, all our bodies are very different so you will find what is right for you and I just wanted to give you my perspective. Do what feels right for you,

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Have you ever consulted with an endocrinologist? Ask him if he would consider necessary a thyroid panel and testing also for antithyroid antibodies.

How's your BMI? it doesn't matter how much you weigh. It's more important the relation with your height. It shouldn't be above of 24 nor below 19

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I wish I had your problem lol
My friend has a son who wouldn't gain weight and was in the bottom fifth percentile. Doctor prescribed and I swear its true. A mcDonalds Milk shake before bed every day.
In a month he was up to the 15th. Lol.

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I was told I was underweight and that it can affect fertility. However, my BMI was low. I'm extremely active and quickly lose weight the second I stress; I tend to stress about anything. So what I did was hire a personal trainer who had not only helped me put on healthy muscle weight through weight training but also with a nutrtiitional diet (eating certain foods every 2 hours) and my doctors are now quite happy. (My other big problem is immune issues that we are now trying to figure out with blood work, etc/. )
I also went to yoga classes as well as a wellness center to do guided meditation to alleviate any stress - all which have been pretty effective thus far. If anything I feel so much better than I ever have. :)

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I meant to add that rather than drink shakes from fast food - make a shake with Whey protein. It has calories but also provides you with a good amount of protein; it's been stated that Whey protein improves fertility. You all can research that if you like or maybe you already heard of that. But here is an article on superfoods to eat and/or include in your shake for fertility if you are interested.
http://natural-fertility-info.com/5-fertility-superfoods-you-should-know-ab out.html

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Just FYI being underweight alone will not always cause a problem.

I had a BMI of 16 when I got pregnant with my daughter at age 21. They considered me high risk, and told me to gain a lot, but it didn't cause any problems for me.

I hope that gives you some hope. Best of luck.

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No offense but At 21 practically nothing cause problems to conceive. Even severe clotting disorders, even alcohol caffeine and drugs consumption, not even sexual transmited disease. But once you reach certain age and have had try to conceive for a while without success you have to try to help in every way you can.

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