Thin Uterine lining with ovulation

Dear All,

I am just 35 and have been dealing with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss for the last two year. I got pregnant 3 times during 2008 and miscarried all three between 8-10 weeks. According to the doctor the fetus' showed no genetic mutations. I was actually working with a Reproductive Endocronoligist during my last miscarriage. They kept insisting that because I had only had two miscarriages they could not intervene. After the third miscarriage, Nov. 2008, the REI told me he would put me on heprin during my next pregnancy to see if that would help. After my last miscarriage I never had another period. I do however, ovulate and have cramps at the time my period should arrive. They have done some testing and say that my uterus is free of scar tissue. I do not like or trust my REI as I feel he has not directed my treatment properly. Now they tell me that my uterine lining is very thin (it does not grow beyond 4mm on its own). I am wondering if anybody has simmilar symptoms? And what has been suggested to you.

Thank you so much!

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I am having this same issue since undergoing treatment with my RE. Every cycle my lining gets thinner- Next cycle we are doing injections with IUI and progesterone. I have never been preg though...

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Hi Julie,

I am sorry to hear you have a simmilar situation. Good luck with the injections. They were actually able to build my lining a bit with injections, but not really enough to make a significant difference.

Good Luck!

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My RE encourages all his patients to take a baby aspirin every day - it's one 85mg aspirin. It's supposed to help thicken the lining. Don't know if you've tried this or if it's been suggested, and I don't know how well it works, but it might be something to check into.

Best of luck!


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Oh, also, the RE told me recently that, if pg occurs, I would take it til around week 12 to help keep the baby. I'm so sorry for your previous losses. I hope you find some answers soon. :)


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When you say you have been tested for scar tissue in the uterus, did you have an HSG?
I ask because I had that, it's called Asherman's syndrome and will happen often after a m/c (esp with D&C) and you get a thin lining and very scanty periods. My RE did not order an HSG when he should and was only checking with ultrasounds. An ultrasound will not show the scarring. All were shocked when they saw how much scarring I had.
So just double check that you don't have Ashermans and ONLY an HSG can test for that.
Good luck

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Hi Jessica Anne,

Thank you for your reply.

They did do a hysteroscopy. They actually put me to sleep for it. But it might be worth getting a second opinion. Part of me thinks that the medical group is also trying to protect themselves.

Is the RE able to treat your condition?

Thank you so much!

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I have a history of recurrent miscarriage and have had 3 d&c's. I had some scarring with my first D&C which was corrected with an operative hysteroscopy. An exploratory hysteroscopy is actually the best procedure to determine if you have scarring as they can visually look at the inside of your uterus. I just had an operative hysteroscopy done last year after my last D&C. They can also do a saline sonogram which will pick up any scarring. There is an online support group for Asherman's. I have been taking 81 mg of aspirin one time per day and will take this throughout a pregnancy. It can help increase your lining during the first half of your cycle as well. I have also read that Viagra can greatly assist with thickening the lining of the uterus. I would do a lot of research online and bring this information when you talk to your doctor. Do they have you on progesterone for the 2nd half of your cycle? I would also ask the doctor about this if they do not.


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