Suggestions after implantation- Rest or not???

Hello Ladies,

I'm getting ready for my second fresh IVF cycle with a new doctor office. My question what have you ladies done in the past after implantation ? Did you rest for 2 weeks, a few days or just go about normal schedule. Of course normal restrictions as far as exercising and lifting things. Thank you for your input.

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My RE orders bed rest/ light at home activity for 4 days after transfer.

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There is no research that supports bed rest after transfer and one that shows worse outcomes.

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My RE said bed rest for 3 days then light activity.

BAD MENTS...1st IVf = BFN, 1st FET = Early MC... MENTS

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Thank you all for your input.

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I rested the day after transfer then back to normal (not strenuous, no heavy lifting, no excersise) activity. With my 1st DE IVF I wanted to rest for a week, and asked the Dr. to write me a note so I could take sick time, but he refused (jerk)************ments************the most recent one was successful with one day of rest**************end ments**************

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both de cycles rested for 3 days, and both successful

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My RE advised doing no heavy lifting and staying out of saunas (keep your core temp down) but otherwise no restrictions. Oh, of course, avoid alcohol and any sport that might increase your chances of falling. I think I took it easy for three days but that was it.

Good luck!


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it's so hard to decide, first cycle I did take 1 1/2 weeks off but didnt restrict myself to bed or anything. I just took off from work. My DE didnt ay that I just did it on my own. Everyone is different so we will see. Knowing that this is our last cycle due to expenses I'm trying to get different views from people. Hoping for the best for everyone going thru this. It just stinks! There is no other way to say it. Thank you!

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