Starting ivf soon, hoping for natural pregnancy

I will be starting ivf soon, like, all my blood tests, etc are done just waiting to start my period so that I can begin birth control pills. But, I just wanted to know how you felt before doing this? I can't help but hope I'll get pregnant this month without having to spend $26,000. But, the crazy stories you read about...probably wont happen to me! Like..., pregnant while waiting for ivf. Anyway, god bless ~

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You can always try and hope, and your backup plan of Ivf is in place if you need it. Good luck!

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Of course! I hoped and prayed for a miracle, no procedure, surprise for YEARS. We tried nearly every month.

MENTS: I am now 23 weeks from a FET after 4 ivf's. Good luck to you on your path.

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Thank you guys. It just reay sucks that we have to go thru this. It's very sad. And what hurts most is that my mother truly believes that if I just 'relax' it would happen. I get so mad at her sometimes. It's so rude. Because she has no idea what I've already been thru. She was there with my boyfriend at my surgery-lap

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Hi Hottie,

Yes, I felt the same way, but said to myself: this is the last month trying and whatever is meant to be will be. It is sad and hard and of course we all wish that it could happen naturally, but unfortunately some of us need help. I had so many people say the same thing as your mom "just relax." Even doctors said this and it made me so mad, especially when we found out htat we both have some issues!

I am currently in the midst of my first ivf cycle and we are about 24 hours away from our egg retrieval with 17 juicy follicle waiting! It has been an emotional journey, but now I anxiously await some good news soon! It will all be worth it in the end when we are holding our babes :)

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@Hottie- And by the way...praying for you!

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