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Hello, I am a patient of Dr. Braverman (reproductive immunologist in NY) and I will be using Neupogen + IUI this upcoming cycle. My 1st time using Neupogen, I learned recently that its $4000 (for 10 small vials, from I was advised ordering it from Canada pharmacy is the cheaper option but we were not prepared to pay $4,000!!! Does anyone have recommendations for finding a less costly option? Our insurance coverage will not cover this drug and we must pay $1800 for the IUI package from Dr. B (package includes 2 IUIs + "case management" fee of $750).

My story: TTC since 2006, unexplained infertility (no pregnancy, normal hormones, ovulation, FSH). Hubby and I match on 5 HLA genes and have slightly elevated NKs. There is some mild DNA fragmentation which Dr. B is treating with the supplement (also expensive:Pycnegenol).

I will turn 40 in August and yes, the clock ticks louder every passing month.

Thank you,

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Is there a generic option? Or another option period?
Good luck finding that, and hope this cycle works!

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You should post this on
Alot of his patients have used his therapies and may have extra remaining.
What I will tell you is to be very careful of how much money Dr. B wants you to spend b/c a lot of his therapies are not researched based and studied. If I were you, I'd go for some second or third opinions before spending all that money on therapies that aren't studied and proven. That being said, I do know someone who used Dr. B and the drug you are asking for and did get pregnant. She tried 3 times with him though and the last she ended up pregnant. My opinion is that if it were the drug, it would have worked the first time. I also know a handful of patients who left him b/c they spent way too much on his therapies and have nothing to show for it.
I'm just letting you know this b/c I don't want to see you spend all this money and then regret it. Hopefully you have gotten 2nd or 3rd opinions. If you are on Long Island, Dr. Zapantis just opened up his own practice. PM me if you would like his info. I would also recommend going to RMA in garden city or Cornell in garden city for second opinions.
good luck!

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hello - thanks for your response. Dr. B is my 3rd specialist (I worked 2 others and had failed IVFs with both). I am in the "unexplained infertility" category and Dr. B seems to be the only doctor to test my immune system with such detail and believes I have a mild immunological disorder (hence the prescription for Neupogen). I have heard that Neupogen does not always work the first cycle, the doctor must adjust the dosage based on each patient's response - I too know of a patient who was able to pregnant after 3 attempts with Neupogen and IVF. That being said, I am not opposed to getting 2nd opinions - I have never heard of Dr. Zapantais and I have never heard of RMA in Garden City so I would certainly be interested in getting more info. Thanks for recommending that I post my message on - I was not aware of that website before today.
Best wishes,

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Was wondering how it's going with Dr. B? I just had my consult with him and he seems to be my last resort.

Neupogen is only covered if diagnosed with cancer, so I will have to pay out of pocket as well. What is the prescribed dosage and how many times do you have to take and once pregnant, will you have to take throughout the pregnancy?

I get my tests done next week, so will not know if I am a HLA issue with my husband.

If you would like to email me offline, my email address is


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I recently consulted with Dr. Braverman as well. I live out of the area and now my RE and Dr. B. are going to confer so my RE can make a recommendation. I was just wondering if you did the therapy, how it did or did not work and what, if anything, you found out about the cost of mediation?

My RE seems a little skeptical but I am attempting not to repeat a very painful miscarriage this winter. I am sure you understand the desire to do everything possible to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy, but it is hard to make decision when you are getting conflicting information.

Any suggestions or follow up would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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