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Has anyone worked with a Reproductive Immunologist? I just had my first appointment with Dr. Kwak-Kim today and feel very overwhelmed. They took 19 vials of blood, checked the blood flow to my uterus and did a physical exam/consultation. She prescribed 10mg of prednisone and will set up my treatment plan when she gets the labwork back next week. Just wondering if anyone has worked with her or another RI and had a successful pregnancy. I have had 6 failed IUIs and 3 IVFs/2 FETs, which resulted in 2 m/c and 3 BFNs. I have been told by every RE that I have consulted with that I have perfect fertility, and am hoping that she can give me some insight on all of these failed cycles.

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I just started with one in January. Have you read Dr. Beer's book "Is your body baby friendly? That will give you lots of great information.
There is also a yahoo forum for RI.
Good Luck

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I worked with the Beer Center after my 3rd failed IVF (and several failed IUIs) and just delivered twins two weeks ago.

Please take a look at my profile and previous posts about my experience and Dx.

I know I would not be mother today if I didn't consult with the team at the Beer Center.

Good luck with you journey!

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Thanks ladies! Yes, I purchased Dr. Beer's book and attempted to read it, although couldn't make much sense of it...that's how I found Dr. Kwak-Kim in Chicago. I know RI is an area that is much debated, so just wanted to make sure I was investing my time in effort in something that is worthwhile. I feel like this is the last straw before my final IVF attempt this fall.

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never heard there anyone in CA who tried this...

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I am in Southern CA and I have also been prescribed prednisone 10mg a day for autoimmune issues. I highly recommend looking further into this. You have done so much so far, I think it is worth it. After reading Dr. Beer's book, I am convinced that because of my endo and my elevated NK cells, I have not been able to stay pg. I have done 2 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and have had 2 with my 2 FET's. If I had really known about this earlier, I would have definetly looked into it earlier. I will be doing a FET sometime in April, so I guess we will see if it is the key for me to get pg!!! Good luck!!!

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Hi ladies,

I am REALLY interested in this topic, as I've long suspected that auto-immune issues are preventing me from conceiving. In over 6 years of TTC (inc. 3 IUIs), we've never had a BFP, though every test on both me and DH has come back fine. For about 8 years, I've been suffering from unexplained (ideopathic) hives -- despite a gazillion tests, food journals, etc., we can't tie them to anything in my environment, so it appears that it is definitely something auto-immune. I think my body may be attacking my husband's sperm or any fertilized egg in the same way it attacks my own skin to produce the hives. My RE basically wrote my theory off though.

I'm going to buy the book you all mentioned, but I'm also interested in knowing how you came to the conclusion that immune issues were at play in your specific cases. Did anything strange come up in basic bloodwork? Do you have existing, diagnosed auto-immune issues? Did you have any special tests done to determine if immune issues were interfering with pregnancy? If I'm going to go back to my skeptical RE and say I want to look into this further, I'd love some insights from you all on what to say.


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My RE did not do immunology blood tests so I'm not really sure if I have autoimmune issues. But since our (DH and I) chromosomal tests all came ok and the my infertility and 2 chem pgs are unexplained, RE and I both decided that we should try the Beer protocols. I had dexamethasone (like prednisone but more potent so it can be given at a lower dose, 0.5 mg) and intralipid infusions together with my IVF this January.

MENTS... I'm 10 weeks along and never got this far before, so I think every little bit helps.

Good luck to you

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I'm so glad you posted about this! After my first RE appointment last week I was left feeling more helpless then ever! I honestly thought that I was going to get some sort of answer or a "we'll get to the bottom of this." I didn't realize that I was just going to be put in the unexplained category so fast or given (what seems) to be the same protocol as everyone else. How can the same protocol be prescribed for women with such varying symptoms/ issues? If I knew the 'band-aid' solution would work, believe me I would shut up and just do it. My fear is that I'm going to pay for 3 rounds of IUI and fail. Fail because the real underlying issue isn't being treated. Maybe I'm just freaking out but my gut is telling me that all of my issues might be related and that maybe just maybe if I fix them I might have success.

I'm curious if anyone else on here has these 3 conditions: endometriosis, short LPD and ulcerative colitis/ proctitis or another IBD?

Definitely going to order the book and have a discussion with my RE next visit.

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All of my regular REs tests came back normal. He labeled me as unexplained. Then I went to a napro Dr would found out I had endo and LUFS. I had the endo removed last year and still nothing. After 4 years of TTC with no success I searched the internet to help solve my LUFS and then I stumbled upon Dr. Beer's book by accident. I read it. THen I found an RI to test my blood. He found out I had elevated NK due to my endo. So even though I had it removed it did not matter. So I really had no indication of any immune issues other than the endo. I actually had no symptoms of the endo it was all so sneaky.

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How did they check the blood flow to your uterus?? I am just curious. I asked my hematologist about that and he said that that test is almost never done but I really think that might be part of my problem. I am wondering if he just doesn't know much about it or is lazy....

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