RE: ANy recommendation for a good clinic in Dallas- fort wort area r

Hello friends,
We just moved to Fort worth, Dallas metropolis any recommendation for a good ivf clinic? We will appreciate a lot.
thank you

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My BFF is going to Dr A Pinto somewhere around there in Feb. Idk how good he is since she hasn't seen him yet but he came very highly recommended to her. She battles with pretty bad PCOS & I guess he's known for working with difficult cases. I know they do have a website. GL!

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I don't have a personal success story to share (4 failed IUIs and 2 IVFs and later, a successful adoption!), but I went to Dr. Karen Lee at Dallas Fertility Associates ( and I really liked her and the clinic. She is smart and kind. (Dr. Chantilis was also recommended to me.) Their stats are very good. I was always very impressed with their office staff and nurses. Wait times were generally very short and they were organized and efficient. The nurses in the ARTS department were compassionate and kind as well. Good luck to you!

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I love Dr. Mehta at Frisco Institute of Reproductive medicine.

I have a yr & I am currently 32weeks with the help if Dr Mehta. She is wonderful!! END MENTS

Good luck & message me if you need anything

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thank u

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Dr. Rodriguez is a great doctor in Plano, TX. He works out of Plano Presbyterian and the ARTS Department at Plano Presby. He has been doing fertility stuff for a long time and is the director of the whole department.

Dr. Barnett at Frisco Fertility Center has great success rates. He has a growing practice (he just added a new female doctor). His nurses are all great. He has his own center so everything is done in the same building including the retrievals and transfers.

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I recently just switched from Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford to Drs. Goldstein and Noorhasan at Fertility Specialists of Texas in Frisco.

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We visited Dr. Buch in Frisco but did not click with him. He seems to jump straight to IVF...we wanted to start with something less evasive because our situation was my husband's health, not mine. My sister had a worse experience (and couldn't afford IVF). MENTS.....a year later she miraculously conceived naturally and had a healthy baby boy......END MENTS.

We then decided to try one more doctor...Dr. Escobar at IVFMD in Las Colinas (north Irving). Don't be thrown by the name. Anyway he is the first doctor (and we had seen others in the previous state we lived in) that actually listened to us, what we were comfortable with and what we weren't. He happily helped us do testing and then an IUI. MORE MENTS..........We are 11 weeks pregnant......END MENTS.

I really recommend Dr. Escobar because of his compassion, commitment, and enthusiasm.

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Steph 32, I had a consult with Dr Pinto. He is not very personable and not very good bedside manner. He does seem to know his job but he is always in a hurry when you meet him. If you are for warmth, he may not be the right one but he sounds like he is very experienced. Good luck.

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I went to see Dr. Goldstein at Fertility Specialists of Texas and he was great. He took a lot of time with me on our first appoitnment and actually sits down and went over everything. He was such a inspiration for us and his staff, especially Amy is great. I would look at the SART statistics and we also were referred by a friend to which was very helpful.

We were referred by our obgyn who said that he deals with very difficult cases and I realize why this is the case.

My FSH was also very high.

You have to feel comfortable and this was a great fit for us. The web site was helpful as well.

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This is my first time working with Fertility Specialists of TX and am very pleased. I'm currently on an FET cycle with them right now and my transfer day is the last week in Feb. Dr. Noorhasan is my RE and Amy's my nurse. I've heard and read amazing things about them and glad that we made them our choice.

I'm not sure what your procedures you have planned, but wishing you the best.

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Can anybody help me understand how the statistics for SART work? My girlfriend who is presently going to a different fertility doctor than me started said that the most recent statistics frm 2011 were released and was not happy with those from the clnic she was at. I guess doctors have clinical pregnancy rate listed as their statistics but when I looked at the live birth rate, their seems to be a lot of variation.
Has anybody been to this site?

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Ive been to ART in Bedford Tx. I saw Dr.Kathline Doody. She was very direct and to the point. This was 4 years and both my tubes were open but she said I had scar tissue blocking my fallopian tubes and needed surgery(LAP). But I wasnt with the right guy. She also said my OVARIan Reserve was low but not dangerous. So I waited. Now im seeing Dr.Beshay at UTSouthwestern.My GYN recommended him to me. He says my Ovarian Reserve is good my OBGYN said the same. He has the same recommendation except now I have one blocked tube. Dr.Beshay is very clear on explaining things. He also said lets not jump to IVF yet, lets do the less stressful route first and do the LAP. He's very friendly. He didnt rush me through my appointment. He ask me several times did I have any questions during my visit. He's also a young man probably in late to early 40's. I like him because I trust him. I care about stats which I dont know his yet, but I'm all about who I trust. Also I called back because I had more questions and the nurses called back the same day. Not saying that other doctors arent good, not saying that at all. But Im in the medical field and UTSouthwestern normally has top notch Doctors. But we'll see.

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Sorry I ment to say Late 30's.

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I highly recommend Dr. Jerald Goldstein. He has an office at Presby Dallas and his own facility at Baylor Frisco. He opened a new office recently in Grapevine too. I saw Dr. Karen Lee for a long time and went through several cycles of IUI with her but I always felt rushed, I guess because they have such a busy practice. Dr. Goldstein has a very active and growing practice too but h always spent lots of time with me and really understood and addressed the emotional side of my journey. Even when calling me to give me test results, he probably spent 20 minutes going over things and letting me ask questions. I felt like I had found a friend in working with him. He also has some of the best statistics in the area so I held a tremendous amount of confidence in him, plus he has an excellent embryologist in Dr. Guerrero. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Goldstein.

MENTS - I am now chasing twin 16 month old boy/girl twins daily. -- END MENTS

With regard to the SART statistics, each reproductive clinic reports IVF success rates and they report data based on age of the patient, the number of embryos transferred, the number of resulting pregnancies, number of live births and special procedures used. I would pay closest attention to the live birth rate. However, you should also take into account the willingness of the clinic to accomodate a patient who could damage their statistics. Dr. Goldstein's clinic states on their website that they will not eliminate a patient who has problems just because that patient could damage their statistics. He is known for taking on difficult cases and of course those could lower his rates. I'd look at the live birth rate but also the reputation of the doctor and your own connection with the doctor. By the time I switched to Dr. Goldstein I had been through five failed rounds of IUI, my FSH was high and my AMH was super low. My odds were very bad and using a donor egg had been strongly recommended to me. I went to Dr. G for a second opinion and ended up switching to him because I liked him so much. It is worth noting that he was willing to try IVF with my own eggs if I wanted to, even though it could have hurt his statistics. I made the decision to move on to using a donor but I was very confident in Dr. Goldstein and just appreciated his approach tremendously. His fees are also very reasonable as compared to other clinics.

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Here's a good discussion around SART statistics.

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I started with Dr. Thomas at DFW fertility....She is very nice but was way too optimistic about my complicated case. She is VERY NICE, but nice doesn't mean you'll get pregnant. We had 3 failed IUIs and one cancelled IVF...and even thought the IVF with the microflare produced NO eggs she wanted us to try it again. We decided to get a second opinion, which led us to....
Dr. Kaufmann in Ft Worth, even though I was scared of a male doc, but he is amazing! He treats very complicated cases, and although I ultimately wasn't successful with that IVF either--nothing fertilized (endo, very low AMH, crappy egg quality...) but he was willing to let me try again if I wanted although it be a real long shot. We ultimately decided we had enough!
I had a VERY bad experience with Dr. Lee at DFW Fertility; she was very unprofessional and rude to me while my doc Dr. Thomas was on Maternity Leave. I also had to have bad news delivered to me by an ultrasound tech. At least with DR. Kaufman, he did all his own scans, only exception was the 2nd doc in the practice did one scan, but she was great too. No ultrasound techs. That's a relief.

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I second what Janet has said. I was given the card of Dr. Lee and Dr. Goldtein by my obgyn. I went to the web site of Dr. Lee and read all about D Magazine, etc but found out that much of this appears to be political. I went to look at the IVF statistics then and see that Dr. Goldstein had as good of numbers as anybody. I saw both Dr. Lee, but went with Dr. Goldstein and was successfull and have a baby girl. Now I see the office has grown and he has added two other doctors to the practice.

When we went back we discuss my last cycle and are getting ready for another IVF cycle ( I did not have anything to freeze). So before starting with him this time we went back and looked at the most recent SART numbers and the live birth rate is much higher. We were going to do the Shared Risk Program this time because I am older, but given the success rates most recently we are not so sure. Before anything, I would ask for the most recent statistics because with all of the doctors, yes they can be nice, but I am really interested in just having another baby.

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