Ovary Pain during Bowel Movements? (Pg ments)

Hello Ladies! (Sorry if TMI- these always seem to be my questions! Weird, gross ones! ha, ha)

I am 7 wks pg and this morning I had terrible shooting-gas-ovary tenderness/pain when I went to the bathroom. Did anyone else have this?
I am so scared as I had an eptopic in June, and this pain is on the same side.....

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Yes! Early on I thought my left ovary was going to explode when i went. I think it's because a lot of time if you get a BFP after stims, the ovaries are enlarged for awhile so it gets crowded in there.

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Sorry I can't be of help but you may get more information on the Expecting bb. The ladies over there are very helpful!

Sara K

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I had ovary tenderness until week 10-it really is uncomfortable. (More with urination than #2-sorry for the TMI.) I am not even sure if they have gone back to normal now at 13 weeks because every time I have an u/s they comment on them.
I think they would have seen an ectopic at your u/s if you have one. I am sure that is one of the things they look for. Call your clinic and confirm this, maybe, if you want to put this thought out of your mind.
If you are starting to get constipated already, I would recommend using a safe fiber supplement or stool softener-your clinic can tell you which ones they recommend. I have dulcolax. Gas pain and constipation can be really nasty.
Good luck,

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THank you for the replies. I called my RE and they sent me to a ultrasound place for a 2nd opinion as on Monday he checked both tubes throughly and did not see anything.
THey did not see a thing! THank you god! I am relieved but a pit puzzled by this. I could understand the ovary pain if this was a fresh cycle, but it was frozen- My ovaries have not been touched since March of last year so I don't think that's it, but who knows!
Maybe I had a cyst burst or something.....Since this morning, it's tender when I am sitting and I lean to the left- like I am sitting on something...

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Also, it might not be your ovary - there's something called I think it's round ligament pain? I may be remembering that wrong, it's been a while. Anyway it's very common in early pregnancy, just from the ligaments around the uterus or something stretching as the uterus gets bigger. I remember the feeling when I was pg with DS, lots of weird stretching sensations. Might have absolute nothing to do with how you got pregnant at all - now that you are, there are many different physical symptoms, most not so fun, that are coming your way. Sorry if this is gross, but when you go the bathroom you do use muscles and whatnot in your lower belly, might just be that that's when you feel the other stuff.

I know it's easier said than done with everything you've been through, but don't panic!! good luck!


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I have noticed pain in the ovary area when I cough sometimes. My RE said my ovaries are still enlarged (at 6 weeks) so I'm guessing the pain could be caused by any pressure in the abdominal area?

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Contains ments:

YES!! I have had ovary tenderness while walking, coughing, sneezing, laughing rolling over in my sleep, etc. etc. Once I got my BFP my ovaries kicked into hyperdrive (something about the corpus luteum and ovaries providing hormones that support the pregnancy until between weeks 10-12 when the placenta takes over).

It's terribly uncomfortable (at least for me) but it is normal.

Good luck and hang in there - my discomfort peaked around week 8 and is now starting to abate.

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Hi -
I was just reading through some info on March of Dimes web site and came across this (topic: causes of cramping):

Stretching of ligaments. In the second trimester, the muscles and ligaments that support your uterus stretch. (Ligaments are tough bands of tissue.) This can cause a dull ache across the belly or a sharp pain on one side. Many women feel this pain most severely when getting up from a bed, chair, or bathtub or when coughing.

Maybe that's it?

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