OE IVF w/ PGD @ Gennet in Prague!! Best to do injections in US or there???

My DH and I have decided to go to Gennet in Prague for OE IVF w/ PGD.
We are so excited, as their success rates seem high for my age group (I'm 36 w/ no health issues)...

We're trying to connect with couples who have also used Gennet... and who have gone for OE IVF w/ PGD.....

We did our initial testing (hormones, diseases, etc..) here... We are trying to decide whether to spend whole month there and do all initial injecitons/meds there..... or do initial meds here and get monitored here in US?

We found a fertility dr. locally who would monitor me (ultrasound, bloodwork) for $300 a visit.... How many times to do you visit during your initial injections? 2? 3? more?

OR... is it worth staying over there the whole time for initial injections and monitoring as well????

And a few more questions ;)
-How long was your stay there??? [It looks like it may be 8 days if you just go for ET and 21 if you do full cycle w/ meds...???]
-Where did you stay in Prague?
-Did injections make you feel 'crazy' and emotional??? [Another factor-- would it be better to do them at home or abroad where you are 'distracted' and in a different environment'?
*What do you tell family members that are not supportive of 'international medical travel'??????

Thank you!! Can't wait to connect w/ everyone!!! :)

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Hi Sheepster25

Welcome, I cannot answer your questions and I saw Sue (IVF Traveller) answered some of your questions on Czech Mates thread. She is great and a fountain of knowledge :)

However there is a very active thread on Fertilty Friends UK and lots of information,
on the international, Czech Republic, Gennet thread. There is also a thread for Ladies travelling from the US.


I hope some of these ladies can answer your questions and maybe get some new cycle buddies.

Lots of luck on your journey


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Thanks so much!! :)

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With my other clients at Gennet, my experience is that they usually prefer that you be there for the 2nd ultrasound (around day 9/10 of your cycle). Retrieval is often between day 13 - 18, then transfer 5 or 6 days later (depending on the PGD you are planning). Are you going to do aCGH - testing all 24 chromosomes? If so, a day 3 biopsy? or day 5 biopsy then freeze and batch test the embryos for CCS then transfer in an FET cycle? They don't seem so keen on doing a day 5 biopsy and fresh transfer day 6, and it is a lot more expensive.

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Wow $300 a visit, well that's a lot if it is more than one visit, maybe even more than staying more time in CR and doing the testing for a more reasonable price in CR.
Good luck!

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