New Jersey Mandate & Small Business vs NY

Hi Everyone: I run my own business in New Jersey and I have AETNA Small Group Choice, (POS) I have been paying for myself and my employees for the last 10 years. I have been told since I am less than 50 employees I can not get coverage for IVF, not even a rider. I have been told that no insurance company will even OFFER fertility treatments in NJ for small group plans. Is this true? Since I am the employer I can switch plans etc. Is there anyway that a NJ small business owner can get fertility coverage?-does any insurance company offer it to small businesses? My business does substantial work in New York, if I move the company to New York- is there a requirement for New York carriers to at least OFFER fertility coverage. Thanks really stressed..

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Hey - I am a health care broker and work the Northeast. NJ is a state that offers coverage but groups of less than 50 are excluded from the mandate. NY covers diagnostics only. Here is a great link: elist.jsp.
Can you move your company to CT? CT has a strong mandate and I could write you a group plan in CT. :-)

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CT's mandate totally rocks. You might want to look at the taxes of NJ, NY, and CT. I wonder if CT taxes for businesses are better than NJ? Also what about Delaware? There is no mandate but could you get coverage anyway there? I think the business laws tax-wise are way better there.

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JennyP --

I have another question for you. There is another thread going called "Pregnancy as a result of infertility treatment." One of the women here was told her insurance would not cover any babies born as a result of infertility treatment. Same was true for a Californian who was seeking private insurance.

Do you know of any resources for information on this topic? I don't know which state the writer of the other thread lives in.



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morecheese out of here?? is that true? they wont pay because her babies where via IF treatment?? boy I would be at my lawyers office in a heartbeat is bad enough most dont pay for IF but it is total BS if they discriminate against how a baby was conceived ...... unbelievable

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Thank you to all who responded I would be interested hear anymore responses if anyone has..
Thanks Again and happy 4th of July..

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