New here - Diagnosis of POF & TTC naturally *all MENTS*

Hi everyone. I've been lurking and wanted to introduce myself & share my story. I'm 35 with a 6 yr old & 4 yr old that I conceived with no problems. I had taken the pill for 7 yrs before I TTC my 1st child. I never liked the pill b/c I felt the hormones affected me too much, so after I had my 2nd child my gyn suggested an IUD. Her reason was that the hormones were more localized rather than traveling thru my whole body like the pill. So after 3 yrs with the IUD I started getting hot flashes. A blood test showed my FSH was 123 and I was told I have POF & less that 5% chance of ever getting pg again. I didn't want to do HRT so I went to GNC and got some supplements/herbs. After a few mos, I started feeling really bad - bloated, upset stomach, nausea, fatigue. I couldn't get it out of my mind that the IUD was causing some of this, so I went back to my gyn again and this time my FSH was 131. I had her remove the IUD even though she swore that it couldn't be causing my symptoms and told me I needed HRT. Well, I started feeling better within a few weeks of having it removed. My symptoms slowly disappeared and I went to an RE. This time my FSH was 97 - still through the roof but better. I've scoured the internet & found other stories of women who were launched into early menopause from an IUD. Am I crazy to think that my FSH could be from that?

I realize that all the drs say I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than getting pg again but I really want to have another baby. I know I'm extremely blessed to have my 2 kids and I don't want to be insensitive to any posters here. That's mostly why I've hesitated to post before. My DH and I just can't afford fertility treatments so I'm going the acupuncture/chinese medicine route. I've started doing fertility yoga and cut out caffeine & most sugar. My acupuncturist has me on a 20 day liver cleanse to leach out all the leftover progesterone from the IUD. So with much prayer and positive baby thoughts, I'm beginning my TTC journey.

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I've been diagnosed with POF, plus I only have one tube which isn't exactly in the best shape. I'm not willing to give up yet though. I believe if you have an intense desire to have a baby then you are supposed to. Don't give up.

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Hi - I don't think you should be afraid to post. Whether you have no children yet or do have and desire another, a desire for a baby is the same and you have a right to pursue that desire. A lot of us grow us with a number in mind or at least I did. I always knew I wanted more than one child, two would be ideal but the option of one more always lingered. Now that I am in my first IVF journey, I think that a singleton would be wonderful but so would twins. Only my DH and I can say what is right for us, what we want and we are not concerned with anyone elses thoughts so if you and your DH desire that one more to complete your family, then go for it 100%!!! Good luck to you! Sending you positive thoughts, prayers and baby dust on your journey!

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Even I have been diagonised with POF .Please let me know what steps your are taking to overcome this . My RE suggest the only solution could be IVF with donor eggs.But still I have problem of thin endometrial lining. Longing for Some baby dust on me.

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Crazybees, I have a lot of hormonal problems that were mismanaged my whole life, and my RE believes that's likely the reason for my POF. I've always tended to be natural, organic girl, and I do believe food can be medicine. I did the Hormone Diet (it's a book by a Naturopathic doctor. I don't know if it helped my ovaries at all but I do know I feel fantastic. Despite that though I've still never been pregnant and I'm desperate for a baby so we're trying IVF. We don't know yet if we'll be able to use my eggs. The doctor told us that he'd be able to tell the quality of my eggs better after the retrieval. Hope this helps! Good luck to you.

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Hello Im 30 years of age I have lupus and Ive been diagnosed with pof, first by my obgyn then he refer me to a RE. He officially diagnosed me with pof His assitant told me My FSH was 37 and my AMH was .09. She also told me that in looking at my olvaries she couldnt find my left olvaries but my right olvaries only had 4 or maybe 5 follicles that she can count. Then she tells me the long story of she dont want me to waist my time trying different options that can waste my money I should just go straight to IVF. First I was shocked I couldnt react or say much of anything I was just mute all the way home. Once I got home I went online and read lots of pof stories about different regiments some people have taken to increase there fertility promblems like (wheat grass, DHEA, Vitex, Royal Jelly, CQ10, Dang Quai) and there fsh numbers were very high. I also have seen where some RE have offered different treatments for this promblem. The main treatment Ive been seeing is iui. Then I realized to myself my RE didnt even offer a single thing so I made a phone call to his office and asked his nurse to ask him about other options for me before I get pushed off to IVF. I havent received a response yet. Has anyone ever heard of any success with using iui or using any of the supplements that I have mention? Also I would like to say that I been married now for 2 years me and my hubby has only been trying for a year now. I have tried before in the pass with other mates and still nothing happens. I dont even know do I ovulate at all is there some people with pof that dont ovulate? I had regular periods through my teens I was also on the depo shots but after my teen my cycles started going crazy I would have my cycle for 2 to maybe 3 days then I wouldnt get one for 5 to 6 months then it will come again. Years ago when I was trying to conceive I did try the clomid only at 50mg for 2 months and the dr. snatched me off and said its not working. I was young at that time I didnt know much about it but now I look back at it I think to myself I should have been collecting my blood test and finding out about my fsh then. My RE also placed me on HRT and provera she said neither does anything for ovulation hrt just gives me the estrogen my body needs and suppose to help with my bones and make me feel better and provera just gives me a bleed to shed the lining. But I have also heard some success stories of pregnancy when people have been placed on hrt. Do anyone know about this are heard of people with pof conceiving while on hrt ? Please if there someone that can offer great advice or that can help me I will be glad to hear it now because im so worried at this point. Even though I dont have children and most of the stories of conceiving with pof the people already have children I still feel that I can conceive without IVF, if I was offered another treatment offer. Oh I also want to know have anyone heard of femara does it work better than clomid thats something I would like to try since clomid didnt do the trick, but then I wonder is that something I should try with a high fsh.

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