Need a new RE in Atlanta

Ugh! I moved to Atlanta at about the same time we started ttc, loathed the OB/GYN that was recommended to me & made me wait through 3 fails to begin fertility testing (her office was entirely baby-centric & they seemed not to know what to do with me, on top of being totally unfriendly and unsmiling), so I had my prelim tests transferred to ACRM which has a really good reputation, but I can't stand my RE. She is curt, unfriendly, and could seemingly care less. She went to a great school but apparently never learned bedside (or deskside) manner. I need a recommendation for someone else. This process sucks enough without having to deal with a snotty, cold doctor (actually, now two). And she hasn't even completed all of the evil, invasive testing that she has planned (already had HSG-SUCKED!- now she wants me to take birth control pills and do a saline ultrasound....? but has already started talking about in vitro.... And she flat out denies that the genetic thrombophilia that she discovered I have could be the problem!?) Please, I need recommendations! Must be human and have a bit of warmth because I am not having an easy time of being the guinnea pig. Thank you!!!!

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Hi there,
I highly recommend Dr Andrew Toledo at RBA - Reproductive Biology Associates. He is a lovely man with great warmth and caring. He came highly recommended by by my OB AND by my general practioner (who had her son 10 years ago working with him). I have never had a male doc before and I can truly say he has more warmth and compassion than the female RE I went to prior to him. Bedside manner is highly important to me too. After a year and a half of trying on our own, we did 3 IUIs with Dr Toledo. I wanted to switch gears to IVF and after 1 try, I am now 13 weeks pregnant.

If you need anything while going through this process, just let me know.

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Dr Hilton Kort at Rba. Love dr Toledo also.
Also, you might get more responses if you change the setting to members. Good luck!

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I also just moved to Atlanta and am about to get back into the game after a 3 year break. Thanks for the question and the Answers. Now i know who to look into!

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