My husband had a virtually zero sperm count in his semen analysis

I am brand new to all of this! New to infertility (which even typing that word makes me want to vomit) new to discussion boards, and new to sharing my fear and feelings.

My husband and I decided to stop using any precautions in November in order to "not try to not have a baby". We were both so excited at the thought of just having sex when we wanted all month long and eventually seeing the "pregnant" status on the pee stick!

By the time February rolled around I decided to see my gyno. Not that it had been long at all, but I never had "regular" cycles so I thought I might as well get checked out. I felt so dumb becuase we're so young, 26 and 27, and I assumed we'd be perfectly healthy and normal and the gyno would laugh at my unsure feelings!

Well come to find out, I don't ovulate at all, but I was assured it's ok. I'll just have to take clomid and that should be that. Well Mike had to have the semen analysis first and the results brought us to our knees.

His semen had virtually no sperm at all, the ones that were detected were not viable. We found this all out yesterday and can't sleep, can't function, and are just in fear.

We are making the urologist appointment today as soon as my gyno is in the office, but in the mean time I needed to talk to someone. Anyone who has been through this or is in the process. I have a deep need to hear success stories right now because this is so unknown to me. We have no clue what to expect, or what to think and we are both in a HUGE fog!

Worst of all today is the 3rd birthday of my baby cousin who I watched being born. Unfortunately he passed away of SIDS at 5 months and 10 days, so our news on top of this day is burying me.....just overwhelming me, and I am searching for someone to tell me they've been here and they made it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from anyone who has been here.

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Hi Heather. Welcome to the boards, I hope you will find them a very supportive place.

Your story sounds similar to mine, we were also 27-ish when not much was happening on the no-birth-control front... and as a sheer coincidence, I happened to work in a urologist's office, who said, "have DH come in." He did a SA for free, and found zero sperm in the sample. We got referred to an andrologist, a specialty I had never heard of before, which specializes in only male reproductive health. That doctor gave DH some uncomfortable and intimate tests, and discovered DH was born with no vas deferens, like he had a vasectomy at birth. If we want a biological child, we have to do this aspiration thing of taking sperm directly from the testicle, then combine it with ICSI and IVF. Long story here to tell you that I understand the SHOCK you must feel right now. You spent so much time trying to avoid pregnancy, all to find out that didn't matter! And now, of course, you're wondering what to do.

It does get better, the shock wears off, and then you start dealing with the problem. That's what these boards are for! Hang in there, make your appts -- in my opinion, skip the gyno and urologist level and go straight to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist).

good luck.

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Thanks, I will most definitely ask my gyno for a referral for a RE too. He is very very good about doing any and all that needs to be done to make a baby! he will send us to the moon and back if that's what it takes.

So there was no reversal for your husband? Are you going forward with the procedures to have a baby? Will you have to repeat this everytime you want a child?

We have always wanted 3 children, now we are so confused about how that will, or can ever happen.

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A good friend of mine from high school went through this. Her spouse had low sperm count also. She was told to use a donor. But first they tried having sperm extracted from him and doing IVF. In his case, he produced sperm, it just did not come out properly. The IVF worked! They have twins! Only takes one little bugger. When she was going through this, I researched it so I could be more supportive. There are numerous things that can be done. They, like anything, are not a guarantee, but worth trying. *baby dust & hope for you!*

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Thank you so much! YOu made me cry! I needed to hear that someone got to have their own babies! We are not opposed to adoption, but I want to experience pregnancy, and I want it to be my husbands baby! Thnaks so much for sharing with me!

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I know what you mean. People say, "Just adopt!" Ok, that is an option, but we are not there yet and there is nothing wrong with us trying to have a child of our own pieces and parts. I think adoption is great. But I also would like to experience carrying a child in my womb!

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Yes, I have always always said I want 2 or 3 of my own and one adopted if we can afford it. Unfortunately if we are going to have to pay to even have our own I'm not sure we'll ever be able to afford to adopt! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd have to pay to get pregnant.....I don't know how we are going to afford this, I truly don't.....I am so overwhelmed.

I'm just in shock, just in shock.

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Many clinics have payment plans and many people open a low interest charge card to cover the fees. There are some grants and things available, but they are not the easiest to get. I know with adoption there are many tax credits. So if you charged it up front, you could use the tax credits to pay off the charge. Some jobs offer funds too. Dh and I are use our tax fund (what there is of one!) to cover some of the expense. Also, some insurance companies will pay for many tests, meds, and procedures. I found that my HSG was covered when coded in billing as 'due to painful periods'. There are ways! View it as an investment. :)

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Thanks, I am so confused by all of this. I just want answers :) You're helping a lot. What does DH stand for? I know it means husband....I think....

It's so weird to be thrown into this so young. I always assumed I would have no issues, being young and healthy....I can't comprehend all of this right now.

My husband thought I'd be mad at him, and I am not at all. I am just sad at this situation, and want to fix it, but it is by no means his fault, and he's just as heart broken as I am. We sat and held each other on the floor last night and just cried....we are just scared.

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Try to take a breath. I know it's overwhelming to hear such news.

My husband and I went through a very similar situation.

I don't ovulate and my husband's semen analysis proved he had only like 30,000 moving sperm. Terrible compared to the normal 50-70 million.

I was absolutely devestated.

However, this may be caused by many very easy to treat conditions. My doctor told me he once treated a guy with low sperm count who had a thyroid problem. Once that was corrected his sperm count jumped up to normal numbers. Or it may be some other hormonal imbalance that can be corrected easily.

We saw a urologist and in my husband's case he had something called a varicocele. It's a very very common cause of male infertility. Basically, it's varicose veins in that region. The blood pools and heats up the sperm killing those guys.

My husband had surgery to correct it and his count did jump up to 7million three months post surgery. That wasn't really high enough so we moved onto IVF/ICSI.

I'm now 6 weeks pregnant. And who knows about his sperm count. The urologist said it really takes 9months to a year to see the full effects of the surgery. So maybe some day we'll be able to conceive another baby with IVF. Having said that, if you do need IVF it is not bad at all. Expensive, but not nearly as daunting as you might think.

Best of luck. It will work out! Medical technoloy is amazing!


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Hi Heather. DH (dear husband) says he would have surgery in a heartbeat, if they could give him vas deferens, but no surgery exists. We don't know why, they put tubes every place else in your body! Very frustrating.

So yes, we have four options:
1) IUIs with donor sperm
2) the aspiration (TESA, I think it's called) with ICSI + IVF
3) adoption
4) childfree

When we were diagnosed, we didn't have the money for either IVF or adoption, so we did IUIs with donor sperm (DS). They didn't work, we were childfree for awhile, and now we just started trying (w/ DS) again.

My advice is to reach out to people and get support. IF (infertility) is so hard to deal with, and MFI (male factor infertility) is its own special case. There's several of us here who have MFI, who can be a resource.

good luck

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Thanks everyone for words of encouragment. I keep emailing them to my hubby :) I am glad to hear you are 6 wks along babybaby77! Congrats! Please tell me more about the procedures you went througha nd tests your husband had done. Who did you go see off the bat? Just a urologist or a RE too?

Jill, Thanks for your support and I wish you all the best through this. It sucks!

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Have him go to a urologist but more than likely you will need an RE as well. My hubby went to a urologist once, then we did everything with the RE. The thing that sucks is that with male-factor, the woman still has to complete all these expensive and painful (hello...HSG anyone?) tests. Oh well, it's part of it, I guess.

Some insurance companies will cover IF testing and minimally invasive treatments. Ours covered 50%. So at the least, you can get your testing covered at 50% if you do have to do IVF with ICSI...Sometimes the clinics will work with you that way! Best of luck to you.

Plus, I would recommend getting a book on infertility so you can know all your options and your hubby can read it also. I got The Infertility Survival Handbook by Elizabeth Swine Falker. Very helpful...and also, very intimidating. But 'tis better to be informed right?!?

Don't worry. Sadly, all this weird medical jargon and moodiness becomes second nature after a while.

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Thanks! It is weird jargon, and my infertility handbook is on the way in the mail right now! It makes myheart drop to say the word infertile.....

I am willing to do any painful thing needed, so is Mike. We are beginning a long, unwanted adventure today! Terrified but with our eyes on the goal!

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I totally understand where you are right now. We are also Male Factor, and went into the doctor thinking something was wrong with me. We were blindsided with the news of DH zero sperm count, with no real chance of recovering them with MicroTesis. I would kill for the diagnosis that your DH got (as crappy as it is), so keep positive if you can, there are options to explore. Your world is spinning around and it is a scary ride. Just keep clinging to each other and you'll find your way through.

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We just found out yesterday my husband has the same problem... I am so sad... I'm perfectly normal and healthy.. He thinks the test was wrong because we used intercourse and withdrawl with no condom so he wants to repeat again... But the result was zero and I'm so angry and sad... Please tell me what happened to u

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I am in so much pain and I feel like this is the beginning of a long and painful journey and a numbers game... I'm so so sad

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Deedeek I sent you a friend request so I can tell you what's happened since this post in February :)

A lot has changed, and we have found out that I have a few issues of my own.....but his sperm count has remained almost nothing and we will have to use IVF with ICSI (when they inject the sperm directly into the egg)

It is an incredibly long hard journey. Here we are in July and STILL no pregnancy. We did a failed IUI 2 months ago and now we're starting IVF stuff.

It's hard and draining and SOO sad, but accept my friend request and we can talk more about how we deal with it form day to day.

You will be in my prayers, just let yourself cry and mourn until you cna't anymore....give yourself that right!

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I came across your discussion because I was searching MFI. My husband has low sperm motility and we tried our first IUI last monday. We are both 27 years old too! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that we would be going through this together. It is the hardest journey ever. I am looking for hope and inspiration. Please keep me posted on your journey.

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HI there

I am new to posting anything but have read the board for awhile now, i just came across ur posting and for the first time think i found someone that is going thru the same thing as me...........I know u posted in Feb. Basiclly i am going thru all the same emotions as you described. I have had issues with my own infertillity and we knew i would due to server Endo. after trying for a year with clomid perscribed by my regular obgyn i went to a RE, they ran a bunch of tests and unblocked a tube and finally they said they have me figured out and "ready to go" with new meds ( injections) and just wanted to do a SA on my DH to check. Well a week later (about 2 months ago) I got the phone call that he had no sperm!!!!! I dropped to the ground and cried for hours, not wanting to tell him on the phone i had to suck it up when he called. At that moment i felt as if my life came crashing down......

They needed to run genetic tests that would take 3 weeks - talk about a long 3 weeks. Well I was please when they called after 2 with the newss that it was NOT genetic...thank God. so he has gone to the uroligist and they have done an ultrasound and we r now waiting AGAIN......

The results were back last week but the Dr was out of town, they said he would call Thursday and NOTHING..........more waiting.

I am also looking for hope....this is such a sensitave topic. I know i can talk to my family but he dose not want a lot of peole to know - understandably. I just keep thinking it would be so much easier if it was just me who had the problem as i feel i am very pro-active. I just dont know how to handle all the questions makes me want to cry and i am not a big crier...............

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Wow Michelle. I'm sorry to hear all that! That's terrible. We have since found out I have PCO's and a few other issues. It's so hard when it comes form both sides, but then in other ways I feel good knowing what we are dealing with rather then the awful "un explained diagnosis" which would make me nutty!

This is the hardest thing to go through and no matter who you talk to they won't get it unless they have been through it too. We've had some very insensitive comments made and thoughts thrown our way because people are so ignorant to what his all entails, but you know do what's right for you and what you have to do to have your babies!

Good luck to you both, keep us posted. God Bless you!

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