Is Resolve some sort of scam?

As near as I can tell, the organization called "Resolve" doesn't exist.

My supposed local chapter never returns emails or phone calls. The national number rarely answers their phone, and never returns voice mail or email.

On the rare occasion that someone answers the phone at the national number, they either claim that there is no one else in the office, they hang up on me, or they transfer me into a voicemail black hole. I've been hung up on about a dozen times so far today.

I'm starting to think that "Resolve" is some person running a scam out of her spare room, and collecting membership fees from unsuspecting people. Does anyone have any evidence to the contrary?

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Interesting.... My local group is pretty good, but it is more of a gathering of like-minded people. There is a woman who updates us on monthly local events and has an email list. I am not sure how "connected" they are with the national organization, nor what services the national organization provides.

Our state website is VERY out of date (2006), but I chalked that up to it being a volunteer responsibility.

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I'm sorry you are having this experience. I initially had a similar experience, no response to emails, difficulty finding a support group, etc, from the local chapter. Eventually I signed up via the web site and hoped for the best. I began to get emails, and went to a Resolve conference, and it was the only time I found real Resolve volunteers. The most useful part of the group for me has been the online boards.


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We are very sorry you have had this experience with RESOLVE. Many of our phone numbers at the local level are managed by volunteers and sometimes a message can take a few days to return. Calls to RESOLVE headquarters are answered within 2-3 business days, however, for a quicker response we suggest you email RESOLVE at The entire RESOLVE HQ staff is listed on our website and anyone is welcome to contact our Executive Director, Barbara Collura at 703.556.7172. We do our best to respond to your questions and appreciate your feedback about your experience with RESOLVE.

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It took some time for me to get a response from them, as well, but they did eventually get back to me. It is not a scam, but it can be frustrating.

The conferences, teleseminars and local events have all been very helpful for me. I hope your local group gets back to you soon!


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The main resolve has always responded to my calls but I have found local resolve to be non-responsive. I gave up on local resolve and just stick to the boards. Best of luck.

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Currently, you call a number and get put into a voice mail. People take turns answering the calls. Used to be you could contact a person directly. So much for streamlining, eh? Anywho, me thinks the call back depends on the volunteer. Keep in mind, volunteers work their tails off for people like us :-)

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