Individual health insurance plans that cover infertility???

I currently have health insurance through my employer who covers infertility treatment. The problem is I will be leaving that employer in about a month and my wife and i need fertility coverage because she is at the start of her first IVF cycle. Do any of you know of any ind. plans that cover fertility treatment that are affordable?

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Have you considering using COBRA to extend your benefits with your current employer. Your premiums will probably rise to attain the same coverage (because your old employer will not contribute) but it is likely much cheaper than any individual plan? You would also then NOT take up the coverage if you have a new employer with "inferior" cover.
This might be the most cost effective outcome in the short term (usually up to 18 months)....... here's some good info:
IVF is such a difficult journey with many unknowns, if you can continue coverage one way or another I'm sure it will reduce both the financial and emotional burden.

Wishing you both the very best!


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thanks for the help. I do have the option to continue COBRA for up to 18 months through my current employer but it is almost $800 a month to do so. I was trying to keep the cost down a bit more than that because I will be in school full time and my wife will be the one working, but if I can't find an individual plan I might not have any choice.

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Ouch - I hear ya! But if it is GOOD coverage and the average IVF cycle is $12-15K (if you include meds and perhaps some ICSI or assisted hatching, cryopreservation etc), then you will probably still be ahead.
And, emotionally, the health insurance can be taken as a sunk cost, but if you end up self-pay and you are not successful if feels so much more painful and unfair.
And, don't forget, coverage get's you lower rates for everything, when you are self-pay you have to pay the "list price" (highest) for everything so not only are they YOUR dollars, but they don't go as far.
I think the whole insurance v/s self-pay is just so so unfair....... but it does make it so worth it to pay more for the insurance if you possibly can get/keep coverage.
Best wishes to you both. I hope you enjoy your study, it's a courageous move to leave employment to further your education but I'm sure it will be well worth it and part of building your future!
Certainly sign up for COBRA even though expensive....... if you don't find a better alternative. You can always drop it for a more basic individual plan when you not longer need IVF cover or find something good elsewhere.

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Hi sjohnson4382,

I tried looking for individual insurance and got some really bad news. At the time I was laid off from a small business (under 50 employees) and moved to COBRA. It's only about $350/mo (only! for 1 person) this insurance only covered 6 IUIs, no IVF and no IF meds.

I'm in California, so each state has different laws. In CA only group health insurance is required to have some IF package (usually only meds or IUIs). Individual healthcare providers do not need to offer IF coverage, so they don't (or at least I never found one).

Here's the kicker: I wanted to bring the costs down since I'm self-pay for the IVF cycles, and I learned that I am uninsurable!!! (for an individual plan) because of preexisting medical condition (infertility). Worse off - My DH AND, GET THIS, my unborn children are ALSO uninsurable for the next 5 years!!!!!!!! My unborn children are uninsurable (in an individual plan) because mommy can't conceive, What? (crazy!) The insurance sales person said I could get another type of insurance, but it might be $1000-2000/month! AND - they don't cover infertility!!!!!

My solution: stay on COBRA and hunt for a new job with good medical benefits. ***MENTS**** I just found out today our DE IVF cycle worked!! So it should be fun finding a job while pregnant and hoping they don't mind I might take half of 2010 off! ***END MENTS***

Please post if you find coverage.

I'd suggest forking over the COBRA cash and hope you're DW is pregnant or you have a new job in 18 months!

Good luck, Kaycee

PS - can you edit your post to "share with members" instead of "share with public"? You'll get more replies that way too.

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I would go for cobra that is what I did because not many individual plans cover IF treatment. I called a bunch and requested many quotes and I could not find any.

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***** Kaycee - like someone would do IVF without a pre-existing condition?!?!!!!!!!!
The rest of that no coverage for DH and babe is close to criminal surely - the absurdity of it just blows my mind!

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Lara I completely agree!

(politics warning ....)
This is what we (in the US) get for having healthcare be a FOR PROFIT business and not caring for the health and well being of our (hardworking, tax-paying) citizens.

Insurance co's are bean counters and profit mongers, they are not in the business of caring for what's best for the America's bottomline. If they were they'd see that throwing more people into the ranks of the uninsured only hurts the US in the end.

I read last week that 65% of personal bankruptcy is for medical bills!

Let's hope Obama's plan passes!


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***Kaycee.... We seem to have a combination of the over-insured and the under-insured leading to some of the highes $$$$ in the world spent of health care with very mediocre average outcomes.... Very unsmart!
Better policy should improve the outcomes so overall we have better outcomes for the same $$ or better outcomes for less $$.

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I used my COBRA as well until I found a better health insurance. It's good because you have time to do that with COBRA. It's good to research what they cover and their restrictions on infertility (they should send you that before you make the decision). I looked into a bunch as I was self-employed after leaving my job and had to pick up an individual plan. I compared a few plans and then picked the best one for coverage. I hope that helps.

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Good morning!
I am not sure what your financial status is, but here in NY, and in some other states, if you cannot afford COBRA you can sign up for a reduced rate coverage plan. IE my husband's COBRA was about $500, but he ended up paying about $250 instead through Healthy NY for a regular Blue Cross plan. We weren't on it when we started IUI, so I don't know if that plan covered infertility, but he was also able to choose other carriers. The qualifications were income based, family size, and that he had worked in the last year I think.
Good luck to you!
If the insurance does not work out, has links to IVF scholarships on it. You may want to check that out, or maybe financing options???

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That's a great point WaitingforaStar2Fall!

There is also a plan for laid off workers to have up to 65% of their COBRA paid for by the Feds. Only though Sept this year though (I think). Ask your HR dept for the forms. Your employer ends up paying about 1/2 of COBRA and then they get a tax break. Not much, but it helps!

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Does anyone know if this Obama plan will cover IVF? I CERTAINTLY hope it doesn't cover abortion!!!

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Hi sjohnson4382 -
I read your message and I thought I could give you some other alternatives that may work for you. Since insurance coverage for IVF is tough and the treatments could be expensive in US would you and your wife consider having the treatment abroad? Perhaps in Turkey. The treatment cost would go down considerably (about $3,311 USD for treatment and medication) and the treatment would be done at one of Turkey's most respected and advanced clinics that specialize in IVF. Currently they have about 20 patients per month for IVF coming from UK and US. Im part of their staff. Please let me know if that would interest you. This may be a helpful option for you and your wife. I wish you well.


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