How many times did you try IUI before it worked?

My DH and i have tried IUI 6 times, all failed. The first 3 were with no meds, the last three were with Clomid. We can not do IVF due to financial issues, but we can do IUI. My doc says it is ok to keep trying, just like if we were trying to conceive naturally. We took a 2 month break (my doc said it is good to take a break from Clomid and we needed an emotional break as well). We are going to keep trying, but I guess I just need some words of encouragement. I have looked at so many websites and they all say to try IUI 3-4 times. I am trying to stay positive, but it is just so hard sometimes. Do you think it is a good idea to keep trying IUI. I guess our only other option is to save some $$ for IFV, but that would take us about a year. I dont think I have the patience for that!

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I would think it might depend on your diagnosis. Could you consider trying a different medication? Like IUI with an injectable med if you wanted to try something different?

Good Luck


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My RE said for me 4-6 unmedicated, then about the same medicated before we would consider IVF. I know it's very frustrating, but I think it makes sense to give yourself the same odds as a fertile couple (their odds of conceiving each cycle is about 25%). What does your RE think?

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Our RE would only do 6 cycles, medicated or not. We weren't able to do the IUI and moved straight to IVF. Although more costly, I feel better with IVF since it has better success rates.

Good luck to you.

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We meet with him on the 27th of this month. He in the beginning that we can try IUIs as many times as we want, but that medications should only be used for 3-6 months at a time (for example: stop using them for a month or two, then go back on the meds). He also said we can try IVF. But we do not have the $ for IVF :(
I know we can stop spending the $ on IUIs and save up. But that will take us abotu a year! I just can't wait. Eventually one of these IUIs will work! I am hoping to find proof that and IUI will work after 7 tries :)

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I think what some of the girls are suggesting is trying different meds, ie injectables like GonalF, etc. They are better tolerated by the body and more natural. They tend to have a better pg rate than Clomid. Good luck!


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I got pg w/ our son on IUI #12... We had an ectopic pg in there and also had issues with our donor sperm- so we switched donors (as well as sperm banks) a few times and used injectibles (Follistim and Ovidrel). Since we had male factor IF, we knew that eventually the IUIs would work, but it is very frustrating.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you jerseygirl and lisaj! that helps me a lot! I will ask my doc about injectables. And congrats on the IUI #12. That makes me feel a lot better that it can happen for me also. All you gals have brightened my day today. I thank God that i found this website, as it has allowed me to open up and know that I am not alone. Thanks everyone!

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I only did my IUIs w injectibles, didn't bother with Clomid. It took 3 to get pg. Good luck!

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Hello ladies--I just found out today that my #6 iui didn't work either. We actually started out with IVF and donor sperm. We thought the success of IVF would be in our favor. The first IVF we transferred 2 eight cell embryos and out of the 6 left over, nothing made it to the freezer. On the second IVF, I had almost the exact same thing happen. Of course I asked my doc about my egg quality and he said my egg quality was good if not great. "they are just very conservative on what they put back" Sounds like BS to me or someone dropped my dish!
Sorry for the vent... But here we are after iui #6... We did 2 medicated with injectibles, 1 without, then my doctor asked me "if you really want get pregnant have an HSG" which I did and my tubes were clear. I'm still getting over the "if you really want to get pregnant" line! Then did iui #4 non medicated. Since then I have done #5 and #6 iui medicated with injectibles with no success.
This is my first post. I am on day 1 of my period and have a raging set of cramps to boot! I'm now 35 years old, practically broke, thinking of selling an organ (j/k) and looking forward to iui lucky #7.

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It took me 4 IUIs (2 with Clomid, last 2 with Gonal-f) to get pregnant. Prior to starting the IUIs I was on Clomid and timed BD for 7 months.

I wish you all of the success in the world. Keep your spirits up.


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I wasn't ovulating at my RE immediately started us on Clomid for IUI #1 & 2. IUI #2.5 was cancelled because my body stopped responding to the Clomid...which is very common. IUI#3 was with injectibles and we got a BFP. I think the injectibles was the trick for us. Good luck.

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Hopefully I'll be able to let you know, soon! #3 this week, if all goes well. We did the Clomid thing and are now trying Femara. You might ask about it, it works a little differently but for us the results are similar. I think it may be a little more gentle on your body too. GL, Kristine

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Why did you not bother with clomid ? Was there Male IF involved?

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yes there is MF involved, and now my RE thinks that I might have endometriosis. So i need to test for that. All my tests came back fine in the beginning, but now after 6 failed IUIs, he is thinking there may be something wrong with me. And just as SaraS said, I am BROKE! it sucks! He wants us to do IUI with injectables, but our insurance does not cover anything so it would be $3000/month. Or we can go straight to IVF, which is $18k (that gives us 3 tries, we qualified for their cost saving program). NOT SURE WHICH TO DO!!!! :(
either way, we will need to save some $$$

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