How long after cancelled IUI/IVF should I expect my period?

Our first IU/IVF cycle was cancelled due to poor response on 12/8/11. I still am waiting for my period. Has anyone experienced a delay in their period following a IUI/IVF cycle? I am 36 and have DOR, FSH 28 and AMH .016. I was on BCP for two weeks prior to start of injectables, which I started 4 days after stopping BCP, I was on injectables for 10 days, Gonal F, Menopur and Lupron. I am eagerly awaiting my period (I took a PG test which was neg.) in order to try a new protocol. I have heard that some with DOR, POR have experienced premature menopause due to the injectables depleting egg reserve?!?!? Any experiences with this??!?!?

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I have always had my period on day 28 or 29 and had it on day 34 post my first IVF attempt. I don't think it is unusualy to have it delayed after IVF meds. My story sounds exactly like yours. I experienced the "lupron flair" protocal last IVF attempt (my first) without success (transfered 2 embryo's but did not take) and have just decided to transfer this (my second) IVF attempt into an IUI tomorrow secondary to less then efficient egg response. I have not heard that having DOR or POR would cause premature menopause with injectables. I certainly hope not! Good luck to you!!

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I waited 3wks after my cancelled IVF last mth, to call my nurse. So my period was a week late. I went in for a u/s and bloodwork, to make sure there were no cysts or pg. I wasnt pg and no cysts, so I was put on provera for 5days. Good luck!

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I don't have DOR, so I don't know if this will apply or not. I got cancelled on the day I should have taken the trigger, and 14 days later AF showed up.

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I had a canceled IUI this past summer. RE put me on Provera immediately and I took it for 10 days. About 5 days after my last dose of the Provera, I started my period. You might see if they can call in a script for you for something to get the process moving a bit faster.

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I don't want to scare you, but I didn't have mine for 3 months after...and then only when they gave me provera to get it going to cycle again. This happens to me everytime I do fertility drugs...clomid/femera I lose a month, more intense IVF meds, I lose at least 3. You can ask Doc to help you get it, but you may not ovulate for a while (that's what happens to me anyway). Good luck!!

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