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So my husband and I started the whole infertility process a couple months ago. My TSH and prolactin were high. I started on synthyroid and my TSH has normalized by my prolactin is still high. Now I'm supposed to start another medication and have a brain MRI to see if I have a tumor on my pituitary gland. Pituitary tumors are usually not cancerous and a lot of times you don't need surgery. But this so irritating. If the whole infertility process isn't enough, now its another thing to worry about.

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Is the medication they started you on bromocryptine? I Also had a high prolactin level for awhile and this is what they put me on...

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My DH had high prolactin. His MRI came back normal but they still think he had a small benign tumor because they couldn't find any other cause. Anyway he tried bromocryptine but the side effects were too bad. He's been on half a tablet of cabergoline twice a week for a year and it works great. No side effects and much cheaper. He'll be on it forever.

I say all that in case you get put on meds. We had to go to so many doctors to get the right solution.

Another thing we learned in the process was that his years of high prolactin caused his body to leech calcium from his bones. A bone density scan revealed that he has osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis). He supplements now and hasn't had any problems but we can't afford a followup scan so we're trusting that it helps. Not all doctors know to check for that, so it's a question worth asking.

I know it feels like salt in an open wound but you should be able to resolve that issue as long as your doctor is either familiar with the condition or willing to do some research. It took us several doctors to find the right guy.

Good luck solving the puzzle and getting one less problem to worry about. You sound like you're on the right track already.

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Wow. Just think a few short months ago I was saying the same exact thing you are right now. I first found out that my prolactin was a bit high so they started me on Cabergoline twice a week. I also had to have an MRI. I was worried about the whole brain tumor thing, but it turned out I didn't have one. I wouldn't get too worked up over it and the MRI itself isn't too bad. You get to listen to music and try and lay still for a good long time. I think it was a month later when they found out that my TSH levels were high too. That was two weeks before I started stims for my first IVF. So, more medication. They put me on Levothyroxine that I take every day. My levels went down to normal until recently when I had them rechecked about a month ago now. My TSH went up again so now I take 2 pills every morning and my Prolactin went too low so I only take 1 pill a week. It's kind of a roller coaster.

Definitely have them recheck at least a month before your next procedure to make things haven't changed. If they have it will give them time to get it back to normal. The pills don't give me any side effects. I'm glad they were able to catch it and now you know. Good luck to you and try not to worry about the MRI. :)

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No, cabergoline twice a week.

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I started TTC 1 yr ago with DH, and my OB found out that I had high prolactin. I had an MRI done 5 months ago - it showed a 5mm microtumor. I was put on caberboline x2 a week until I conceive. My RE said the tumor will likely shrink or become inactive. Cabergoline didn't give me much side effects, except for moderate constipation (sorry TMI haha). I understand exactly how you feel. There were countless times when I would break down and cry until my eyes are completely swollen. And in addition to this, we found out that we probably have a male factor (DH's SA showed very low morphology). We started clomid/IUI 2 months ago and will keep trying! Always have hope!

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I had high prolactin, it is controlled easily by medication. They always do an MRI to rule out a prolactinoma.

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