high fsh and Pregnitude

With fsh high if you took Pregnitude, could you tell us if it worked or not (if you're got pregnant and carry a pregnancy term)

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I have never heard of this but I too am interested in hearing any feedback about it maybe to possibly buy. I have heard of myo insotol being a supplement that CCRM has some of their patients take.

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I just started pregnitude last week. I have unexplained IF - I was worried about side effects but haven't really had any. It does seem to help control my appetite.... Which is always good

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I just ordered some. I hope to start a new ivf cycle in a couple weeks, wish I had heard of this stuff sooner!

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This is my 2nd month on pregnitude, but my first cycle attempt to conceive since my miscarriage. I like pregnitude because it forces me to drink more water too. I have high fsh and conceived naturally and carried my baby to 15 weeks, I am hopeful I have made some changes to help me carry to term next time.

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Just to follow up on my last post. I'm going to do Letrizole next cycle, I updated my profile. My RE was surprised I got pregnant before and asked me to start all the supplements again as this may have helped. This is when she added pregnitude.

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