Help! Spotting 2dp5dt

Hi ladies,

I'm quite nervous and could use some insight. I had a 5dt on Friday, and yesterday, 2dp5dt, I started spotting. At first it was pinkish and is now (3dp5dt) dark brown. I googled implantation bleeding and it seems Ike the timing could be right, but I called the clinic where I'm being treated and they said its probably from the medicines I'm taking (estrogen, progesterone, baby aspirin, metformin). Is it at all possible that the spotting could be mplantatation even though they didn't tell me so? I'm trying to be hopeful, but it's scary to see the spotting!

Thank you!!!

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I am not 100% sure if it is implantation spottig but my transfer was yesterday, Monday, also a 5dt as well and my doctor told me that if the embryos implant it will be tonight, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. From what I read implantation spitting is a little pink. Just passing on the information I have heard and read. Best of luck to you!!

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Praying, thank you for your response! I spoke to RE again today and got slightly different information than what the nurse told me on the phone the other day. Apparently, my cervix bled a little during transfer, so the brown spotting is the old blood passing. not sure about why it was pink at first, but maybe that was implantation. Here´s to hoping, right? I appreciate the best wishes. I´m a total ball of nerves these days!

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The pink part sounds promising for implantation...all the best!

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Sharv- Thanks for the words of hope!

I actually just spoke to my RE again because the spotting turned from brown back to pink. She assured me it was cervical bleeding, and said not to worry, that my embies were excellent and to think positive thoughts. I´m 5dp5dt and seeing the pink when I wipe (sorry... TMI) is just downright scary!

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Good luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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Thanks cheekie!

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HI ladies. Here´s my update- I woke up this morning (6dp6dt) with a good amount of bright red blood, in addition to the dark brown stuff from over the night. RE said I am probably having blood vessels rupture on my cervix, but she wants me to go in to the clinic today so she can check my cervix. Please keep sending those good luck vibes... I´m trying not to give up hope on this cycle, but it´s hard!

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I'll be hoping for the best for you. I can imagine what you are going through would be really scary. Hang in there!


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BinaBoo best of luck. I will be thinking of you. Keep us updated. I hope it's nothing.

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Thanks so much for the support everyone! I´m heading to the clinic in 2 hours, so at least I can stop wondering then. I can´t imagine that this cycle isn´t a bust, having had "cervix trauma" but I´m really hoping the trauma isn´t enough to impede my next FET. I still have 3 frosties...

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BinaBoo how did your appointment go?

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The appointment was fine. I was told that some of the ectopic cervical tissue was outside the cervix and it is very fragile and bleeds easily. The cervix was closed and fine, so re told me not to worry about the bleeding at all.

Sadly, I pops this morning 8dp5dt and bfn so bleeding issues aside, I guess this wasn't meant to be my month. Beta is on the28 and I know it's not official until its official, but it's not looking good at this point.

Dh and I are talking about whether to take a break or do out final FET from this round. Emotionally, I'm a wreck, but I find that the waiting times off are the hardest, so I can totally see myself fall deeper into that black hole if I force myself to take a break. I think I may start a discussion on it. I'm just not sure what to do. Re said my eggs were perfect and if it didnt work the first time through then definitely the second. Hre we are days away from our 2nd FET bfn ((plus all the Iui failures and one ments. ........ Mc at 9.5 weeks..........

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Hi BinaBoo,
Just wanted to tell you of my experience: I had a 5dt and on day three I woke up and had pink spotting. Lasted for one minute and that was it. I freaked out (of course!) but as it turned it out it was MENTS: Implantation and now I am 10 weeks pregnant.END MENTS I have read that implantation bleeding occurs about 9dpo which is 9 days past retrieval for us IVF gals....

Hope this helps!

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Bins I'm glad your appointment went well. Best of luck with your beta tomorrow. Keep the faith it's not over until the numbers say so.

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Thanks for everyone´s best wishes. Just got the call. BFN...again... Will this ever happen for me?

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Oh Bina I am so sorry!! I know that this is hard. My thoughts are with you.

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