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My sister told me she saw a show on Discovery Health were someone had a scarred uterus and was told they could not get pregnant or carry a baby but they had some type of surgery at some specialist hospital but my sister did not get the name of the facility. I have stored embryos and want to carry my own children but I have had so many surgeries to re-open my tubes that I scarred so bad and closed my tubes and uterus. Any suggestions? or did you see the show my sister is talking about?

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Not sure of the show or the name of the facility, but it may have been on Asherman's Syndrome

Depending on the docs in your area, they may be able to do surgery or you may need to find a specialist to help you out. I wasn't seeing him for this, but I know that the RE I went to was one of the top in the country to help with this issue.

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I'm not sure of the name of the procedure. I was told I had scarring in my uterus several years ago, when my husband and I were first trying to concieve. I had a hysteroscopy and the doctor used a "raking" technique to remove the scarred tissue and help new endometrium grow. After the surgery I took estrogen initially to help stimulate the growth of the lining, then progesterone to finish a "mock" cycle. Then I had a period. During the "mock" cycle I had at least one ultrasound to measure the lining of the uterus. I'm not sure it is a mainstream procedure that all REs perform. You may want to check the RE websites in your area to see if any of them list " specialized gynecologic surgery" or "hysteroscopy". If they do, call the office and ask to talk to the IVF nurse in charge, b/c they are familiar with the specific surgeries performed by the RE. I feel the procedure worked for me, b/c I got pregnant with the next IVF cycle. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Thank you so much for the information. I have had several operations in order to remove the scar tissue but to no avail. I definitley have a severe case of Asherman's Syndrome, but have been reading up on this "raking" technique. What are of the country are you in? I'm in NC and may need to travel in order to have this procedure done.

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Hi awaiting,

I should have included this in my previous post, but these are the RE's I use. They are a husband & wife team who have gone through infertility themselves and succeeded with adoption.

I love the atmosphere, the small staff and amount of personal time you actually get with the docs themselves.

When we delivered our twins extremely prematurely and they didn't make it, both docs came to the hospital to see us and our kids.

As I stated in my original post, I was told my one of the staff members that Dr. O is one of the top in the country for surgeries for Asherman's, so if you think you may have to travel anyway, I thought I'd throw them out there. Or, they may have recommendations for docs in NC that are just as qualified to help.

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There is a Yahoo! group devoted to Asherman's Syndrome with tons of information on doctors, support from others who deal with it, etc. If you go to the Asherman's website that the other poster referenced, you should be able to get to that group.

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Join the asherman's yahoo group and go to the home page and you'll see FILES on the left side of the page. Click on it. There's a list of what they call A-list physicians. I've just scheduled a second opinion with one. I have unstuck asherman's. I'm scared about the risks should I become pregnant (haven't been able to achieve that yet).

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I had the surgery and am waiting for AF to start my cycle now.

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I had to travel to see this RE, but it was worth it.
Dr. Brian Cohen in Dallas Texas. He has a website. I'm not sure if he is still doing this procedure, but it is worth a call to find out. He may know someone in your area that does it as well. Good luck and God bless!

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