hashimoto's antithyroid antibodies, hypothyroid please help!

Hello all - I've got a slew of dr. appointments lined up in 2 weeks and looking for advice/ questions I should be asking. My story - crappy follicle count with IUIs so I skipped IVF OE and jumped straight to DE. Got preggers, m/c 8 weeks. At the 7 week prenatal panel my fabulous midwife happened to run a TSH and it was 42!!! TSH was normal (under a 2) on previous tests before pregnancy. Likely ATAs had been lurking a while and it took the pregnancy to make it truly kick in and show in the TSH. Day of D&C my RE ran a test for anti-thyroid antibodies (ATAs) and they were crazy high. So they put me on Synthroid, said rest assured that's all you need. And then I got preggers the old-fashioned way. TSH normal. All is well.... until m/c at 6.5 weeks. TSH normal, but ATAs bad again. I've read there are additional treatments possible for ATAs? Possibly as simple as Selenium supplements, or maybe bloodthinners. Would appreciate any personal succes/failure stories, and any questions/additional testing or treatment I should ask the doctors about, Thank you all in advance and blessings on your journeys.....

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I would recommend reading "Is my body baby friendly?" by Dr Alan Beer - this book gave me so much hope and more of a sense of control. I am now working with a Reproductive Immunologist who put together a protocol that works with the RE to give me the highest chance of success.

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Sorry about your losses. I also have Hashimoto's. i was diagnosed in 2009 and am struggling with secondary infertility. My TSH was always in the normal range at around a high 2 or low 3 but my antibodies were in the 100's. I have been on synthroid and my TSH is now pretty low. lower than a 1 so maybe even too low but i feel much better. I have been eating better - mostly organic - especially organic meats. Taking vitamins including selenium. the last my antibodies were checked they were much lower than they originally were. not sure if that is from the synthroid or the changes i made in eating and adding vitamins. I am still struggling to get pregnant tho so not sure if this has anything to do with the thyroid and ATA's. i've had a couple failed IVF's so my dr is going to run some immunilogical tests on me since i do test positive for the ATA's. Maybe i have other antibodies that are preventing me from conceiving again. good luck.

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Jen, do you have a ND too? They look at lower numbers in the range.
The Beer Clinic is in Los Altos, CA (I think) and you can actually do a lot of $$$ testing through them and they'll help you
Work with your RE. Dr Chang might be able to help coordinate this.
So sorry- this can't be easy. This is such a drag.

Someone else posted abt hypothyroid yesterday also.
GL (btw, your post is set to public)

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I have Hashimoto's and take Armour to support my thyroid. I also take a supplement by Standard Process called Thytrophin PMG. The way my doctor explained it to me, the ATAs attack the Thytrophin instead of the thyroid gland. My numbers have gone from high to negligible. You may want to explore this and see if it's something of benefit to you... Best wishes.

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I have antibodies over 1300! All other testing is normal, but antibodies.
My thyroid swellings on and off. I am off all soy (which is hard, it is in everything!)
Have you had any side effects from the Thytrophin? I bought it and am deciding whether to take it or not.

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mwords- No, I haven't had any side effects from the Thytrophin. I say go for it! Especially because you've already bought it! I originally took 2, 3X a day. Now I take 1, 3X a day. Not sure where you should be with dosage (I have a doc overseeing mine). If you give it a try, I think you will be happy with your next set of test results ;)

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