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A little bAckground is my husband and I have been TTC for 4 years, I'm 30 he is 32 , we finally have been to a fertility clinic and keep getting walls throw up. In 2009 & 2011 we did sperm analysis done by a urologist and one test said low sperm & low mobility .. 2nd test showed normal sperm but low mobility! The clinic we r seeing now says there is 0 sperm... They believe he has a varicocle but it's not 100% if they correct it. Is there any other hope?? What do we do next? What would u guys do??

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TiffP8782 - My DH also has a varicocle. The urologist wanted to complete the surgery, but it can make it worse in some cases according to my IF doc. We looked into the cost of this, if insurance didn't cover it, it could be around $10k. We looked more into IVF and found this is our best bet given I have PCOS and he has the varicocle. I know IVF is expensive, but given the risk and cost of the varicocle surgery, we found this is the best answer for us. Our IF doc also said they can biopsy the teste to find sperm if men have a 0 sperm count.

Good luck!

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