First cycle IUI....are delayed periods normal?

Hi ladies,

Question for those of you that have been through a medicated IUI process before.....I had a blood test Friday (3/16), 14 days past my first IUI with a BFN blood test the following day 3/17. This is my first time going through this. Is it odd that now 4 days later I still haven't started my period? Took clomid at start of cycle and prometrium vaginal suppositories from day of IUI till day of BFN. Do either of those things mess up cycle that drastically?

If anyone has any experience with delayed periods following IUI, I'd love to hear about it so I can understand better what to expect. Thanks so much!

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Yes, with both IUIs the progesterone suppositories delayed AF by about 3 days. Progesterone keeps your body from shedding the uterine lining so it does typically take a few days longer for AF to come. Sorry to hear about the BFN. Also, you'll probably get more responses if you change the responses setting from public to private. For some reason, Inspire has it default to public but a lot of the ladies on here like to stay private. If you go under your accounts setting there should be an option to change.

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Progesterone will delay or stop it. Once you stop the progesterone, AF will show up a couple of days later. I was in your shoes last month, didn't know it would delay either. Hopefully next month will work out for you!

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I always ovulated later on clomid, so got my period later. And the progesterone can slow things down too. Good luck!

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