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Hi, I am new to this site. I just had a failed frozen embryo transfer. Just looking for some support from people that understand.
Thanks to everyone for your support. I was suppossed to go back today for the actual transfer, but none of my embryos survived the thawing process. This is my fourth IVF, but it was going to be my first FET. Every step that I take reminds that it did not work (you know the oil shots). I was at work when I got the call that none of my embryos survived, I thought I was ready to hear anything, but I was not. I had to run to the bathroom to cry, then I came out and a pregnant co-worker came by, touched my back and asked me if everything was ok. Now I just have to wait for my period, another reminder of the loss.

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I am so sorry to hear about your FET. Take care of yourself.

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I'm so sorry. I understand your disappointment; I had a failed FET in February and was heartbroken. All we can do is keep calm and carry on. I just started stims for a fresh IVF cycle yesterday.

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I had my failed FET 2 weeks ago, give yourself some time. Good luck.

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For lack of a better word, that "s@*ks" I am on transfer number 7. First was a fresh, it worked. Second was a frozen it worked but then I lost my little angle at 5 months, the 3, 4, 5 and 6th cycle were all big fat negatives. It does not get easier. I am at the end of my journey as I only have two frozen left and I am going for my transfer in August. I always thought I could have what ever I wanted....I just have to want it bad enough. This is the one thing that I have been fighting and fighting for. I am also looking into adopting because after all I have been through I have learned that you do not have to give birth to be called "MOM" I have also learned that friends, family and also my own husband just does not get it. They say things to try and help but it makes it worst. I come here for support as I believe the people here really do get it. I am so sorry to hear about your failed cycle, it just s@*ks.

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Hugs to u. It stinks.
I've done 2 fresh cycles with no luck. FET in august.
We all feel your pain.

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I'm sorry the FET didn't work sweetlulu but I'm glad you've joined us. Take care of yourself. {hugs}

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