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Hello all. In January, I had my first ivf cycle that was unsuccessful due to a dominant follicle that absorbed most of the stims. My E2 was high and the dr. did not wanted to risk OHSS so he had me triggered on stimulation day 8. They were able to retrieve 3- two fertilized and one degenerative. We did a 3 day transfer of the two embryos but they did not stick. My question is to the ladies who have problems with with dominant follicles, did you find switching protocols help alleviate the problem? Or did lowering the dosage of stims help? What baffles me is that I was on a lower dosage of follistim for an iui and produced 8 follicles compared to my antagonist ivf protocol that resulted in 3. My protocol was 300 ui of follistim which was lowered to 150 ui on stim day 6 coupled with 1 vial of menopur and ganerelix. My WWW appointment is 2/14 and I just want to be prepared! Thank you in advance!!

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