does this type of financing exsist for infertility treatment

Is there any type of financing or plans available were we can do a down payment and make monthly payments?

Something tells me no...but I thougbt id ask anyway

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Actually there is. My RE works with Springstone Financial. They offer loans up to $40K with repayment terms up to 84 months. I don't know however if your RE has to be one of their approved providers, or if they'll do loans regardless of who your doc is. Their website is Hope that helps and good luck!

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My RE actually lets me do it at his office.

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Oh wow I didn't think there would be sucb thing...guess who's a happy girl :)

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I would also look into possible loans from family if at all possible or from the credit union (you may get lower interest rates).

We looked into Springstone and the interest rate varies from 3.99-17.99%. Good luck - I know how much the financial aspect SUCKS :(

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I also finances through Springstone (referred to by my IVF office, but unafiliated with it). They had the best interest rates and we really quick.

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