Does my husband need health insurance coverage , for the IVF process ? I

Does my husband need health insurance coverage , for the IVF process ? I have coverage for my self , but, he doesn't ! I'm trying to save so money :-)

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I believe any testing on him (such as sperm analysis) or procedures on him would need to be covered by his insurance. If your policy covers things like IUI, IVF, fertility meds, you should be okay on the procedures performed on your body.

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Thank you :-)

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The only thing billed under my husbands name was his blood work and semen analysis. The blood work was about $300, and the SA is about $100. Not a whole considering the cost of the IVF in general.

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I'm going to say no, b/c the only thing he got charged for was the semen analysis and labs, like daisyjaye said. The vast majority of the charges were mine. :)

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I have if coverage and my dh doesn't. The only labs he had were std and they were covered. We had to pay for the semon analysis.

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I'm with the others; I have coverage but my DH does not. We've paid OOP for some bloodwork and SA's because they're coded as Fertility Proccedures. Anything "normal" (like Infectious Disease screening) was covered. Most of the IVF process relates to you, so you should be just fine even if DH doesn't have coverage.

GOOD LUCK to you!

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Same here. My DH does not have coverage and we just paid out of pocket for the few tests we did on him prior to IVF.

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Thanks Everyone, :-)
The doctor wants my husband to complete the infectious disease testing & immunity screening to be completed , any idea how much the labs will charge out of pocket ? My husbands health insurance will not go into eff. For 60 days :-( is there Amy free testing offices in Maryland :-)

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You're lucky if your IF gets covered by INS! More than you know!
As far as your DH goes, no one in this country should ever go without INS.
It often sucks even when you have it, but if a cancer should to happen, it's imperative!
No social medicine in this country!
Ladies get your men covered.

True story: a friend of mine has a lovely 25 year old son. His girlfriend was nagging him while he was unemployed to get INS. He finally did and within 3 mo got diagnosed with testicular cancer on Friday and by Monday was in surgery.
The INS tried to fight it as a preexisting condition, but no way.
25 years old!!!!
Every one needs INS in this country.

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I was wondering the same things as we are planning for our first IVF cycle in June. I have coverage for fertility treatments, but my husband does not with his health insurance plan. I'm wondering about ICSI. That is a $1000 charge on the itemized fee list I got from my doctor, but I hope it is billed under my insurance and not my husband's since I am the IVF patient. So far, my husband has only had to pay out of pocket for semen analysis and sperm washes for two iuis.

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My dh did not have it when we did it. I did have to pay a little bit for him, but I believe it was under 500.00.

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