Czech IVF clinics - success rates?

I've spent hours trying to find success rates for fert clinics in Czech Republic, but to no avail. Am I missing something? Anyone have any reliable data they're willing to share?

On a side note, I recently came across this in an IVF website: we'd never suggest that you choose a clinic based solely on success rates. Really? What else is there, when all is said and done? For background, my DW and I tried DE IVF a few months ago. The eggs were apparently of poor quality and didn't grow, so we spent over $20k with nothing to show for it. At this point I'm not sure what else there is to consider other than success rate. Thanks for your thoughts.


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Go check out free ivf trial from New Hope Fertility, NYC. I was too old, must be 38 and under and not obese like me. They said call me back after you loose weight. I never lost enough for them to consider me but they would have if I did. Follow bmi chart stick close to that and you'll get in. I think they want you to live or stay in/near NY. I was able to use my families address. They also don't want people who have had previous fertility treatments ((wink wink)). good luck.

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I am sorry you have not had success with IVF. But it is great that you continue to search for options.

Just like the US, each clinic in Czech Republic has different success rates. If you don't find their success rates on their website, you can contact them for the information. Like US clinics that need to report their success rates to the CDC, Czech Clinics need to report to their Health Ministry so they should be accurate (not sure if there is a website with Health Registry data?)

I did check this same information and while I can't recall each of the clinics I reviewed, I do remember ReproGenesis. Their success rates were 65% for Donor Egg pregnancy (heartbeat.) Live birth rates are difficult for all Czech clinics since so many couples come from overseas and don't report back 9 months later.

We are heading to ReproGenesis late November and so far have had an impressive and smooth process. We are working wtih IVF Traveler who is manaing our process. You may want to check out this service for overseas cycles....

Good luck in your search and your journey to be become parents.

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You may want to change your setting to "member's only".

I chose going to Zlin without consulting their "national statistics" and this is why. . .

1) After working with my local RE, and talking to others that also used my clinic as well as others, I realized how statistics are so easily skewed. You can do this with imposing age limits (at 40 I was close to being told I was too old for them), refusing to treat certain medical conditions related to fertility, etc. -- if you limit your pool of the woman and men you treat to those that have the best chance for success (both young with few if any complications) you can increase your % rates. Instead, I believe looking at their breakdown of WHO they treat and balancing that with their success rates gives you a better picture.

2) What is the policy of the clinic regarding your cycle? In Zlin they guarantee two excellent embryos. Yes, guarantee. If your original donor has an issue (which I believe I heard about this happening just once, but don't quote me) your cycle is not cancelled, you are offered a "backup" choice. I did not have the financial ability to fly back to the CR at a later date if my donor didn't stim well. This guarantee gave me peace of mind.

3) Every woman that I talked to (and I had talked with many before I left from several different boards) said the same thing about the clinic in Zlin. "If I had not gotten pregnant the first time I would go back there as I believe the treatment is that good." or "I am planning on returning there to try again." No one I talked to considered their care "lacking" in any way.

4) Unlike me, you have the added benefit of seeing several years of statistics that this board alone has produced. And, you have easy access to contact woman that have used not only Zlin, but other CR clinics as well.

My own personal experience was a positive one. I was never made to feel old. . . in fact at 41 I was not considered one of their older patients! (Turns out that at the time I went 43-44 was considered the average age for DE IVF. At my local clinic chances are they would have refused me at this age!) I felt the care was excellent, and the facility well run and modern.

Yes, it was the price of the trip that caught my attention, but without the confidence I felt about my coordinator at the clinic as well as the stellar recommendations from the woman that went before me I would not have gone.

Message me if you would like to talk more.

Good Luck to you!

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I have been both to Zlin and Reprogenesis. I got pregnant by both clinics, m/c first DE pregnancy but I'm now 12 weeks along. Excellent treatment at both clinics, and whole lot less complicated and less expensive of course than cycling in the US.
I believe the CZ success rates are artificially low. On my first trip I met several couples and kept in touch - 2 of them who had successful pregnancies never reported back. When someone does not report back the clinics have to record that as a failed cycle.
On the flip side, I agree with AuntyC that some clinics here skew their stats. I will add to the factors she listed that a certain top clinic near me has been known to cancel transfers if things weren't absolutely perfect, even if the patient would prefer to go ahead. The feelings of those patients was that the clinic was not acting in their interest, but rather in the interest of their stats.
And....if you go to CZ you can cycle 3-4 times for the price of one cycle here, increasing your own personal stats. It took 2 fresh and one FET to get me where I am. Results would not have been different had I cycled here - it was the US doctors who missed my diagnosis which was only determined by my DE m/c. If I had cycled here, that would have been the end of the road for us due to financial limitations. Instead, because we went to CZ, I was able to try again and now I'm sitting here pregnant with a little bit of a savings account leftover. So don't get too hung up on success rates, there are layers of factors to consider and CZ is a great option.

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All of the above advice is great - here's what I'll add:

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples - some clinics in Czech report pregnancy rates (just a positive pregnancy test), others report clinical pregnancy (ultrasound confirming fetal heartbeat). The success rates vary by clinic and type of treatment/situation (a few variable factors). Typical clinical pregnancy rates at the most popular clinics there range from about 49% - 65% for fresh donor egg treatment.

They are required to report statistics to their national registry, but that data is not made available to the public. Each clinic typically will report their statistics on request if it is not on their website. If you have a specific clinic you are wondering about - I think I have the most popular ones in my database and I could probably look it up in my database for you.

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Hi all!!!

I am looking for a clinic wherever in the world which specializes in my case, poor egg quality. I live in Switzerland (american/perucian abroad) so Czech would be ideal for me. I checked CCRM, SIRM, RMAN NY but I am also trying to find out about clinics abroad. I really dont mind about bed side manners, I went already thru 2 IVFs in Spain, what I am looking for is a clinic who can help me get pregnant. Any advise? im 41 AMH 0.75, FSH 7.8, he by DF is 43 regular sperm.
Any advise?

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a little bit more...I just got a consultatio with Reprogenesis and they advise DE (as IVI in Madrid) but RMA told me I have a lot of chances with my own egg. I have a telephone appointment with SIRM tomorrow night, lets c what they say....

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look into low vitamin D levels. this physical therapist from just told me about a link between low amh high fsh and low vitamin d levels. your levels are similar to mine this p/t said she didn't think i would need ivf but look into vitamin d just not too much. get vit d levels checked! good luck i wish you mega baby dust

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Absent further information about your prior IVF cycle details (eggs, fert rates, etc.) you may find some value in using embryoscope or full chromosome testing of the embryos (such as aCGH testing) to help select the best embryos that are likely to be competent and result in a successful pregnancy. As you know egg quality may mean that you get a lot of eggs, but they are bad, so then it is about picking the embryos that are good. So, in those cases if you are getting enough eggs that you have many to choose from on day 5 and are just trying to choose the ones to use - your options might be video montioring (like Embryoscope) which uses the data gathered and predictive information to choose those that are least likely to have issues; or a more expensive option is to use aCGH to actually genetically test each embryo for competency.

Success rates of course will be higher with donor eggs than with own eggs if you have egg quality issues - but a brief consult with each doctor should help them give you an estimate of your likely success at their clinic based on your case.

FYI - aCGH testing (or its alternative like Natera) is only available at limited clinics - but some women with egg quality/quantity issues will need to do a few cycles of stims and for cost reasons will often freeze multiple batches until they get enough to send it out for aCGH testing and do the transfer in an FET cycle once you have the results- then you know you are only transferring those tested to be competent embryos. So, if you aren't ready to move on to donor eggs, that might be a good option for you.

Wishing you the best!

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thank you sooo much ivftraveler! 1st ivf got 8 eggs, 4 got to the 3rd day and only 2 to the 5th day but did PGD and there had abnormalities. 2nd IVF got 13 eggs 4 fertilized but none got to the 3rd day. I would like to try again with my own eggs as I dont think I have poor quality eggs. I beleive USA is better for this things but might be that I didnt research enough. Im going to call Zlin to see what they say. But not sure if I should just go directly to USA or can I find a good clinic in CZCH for my case??? PLS HELP!!

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I am not a doctor, so this is not medical advice. But in my experience, In general, based on that fertilization rate, and day 3/5 info I'd probably recommend discussing with the potential doctors whether there are advantages to ICSI (if you didn't use it) and possibly discussing using PICSI (better than just ICSI). I would reconsider using PGD (FISH method) and would instead consider some sort of aCGH or Natera 24 chromosome testing. There is some feeling that some embryos that test abnormal from a day 3 biopsy using FISH method might have self-corrected by day 5 (and a few doctors have reported re-testing embryos at day 5 that were abnormal on day 3 and found they were okay on day 5 to verify this theory - but it is controversial and to my knowledge no widespread studies have been done). Ideally aCGH is a biopsy on day 5 (can be done on day 3, but they only can test one cell, whereas on day 5 or at blast stage they can take more than one cell) and then either a freeze waiting for results or do or a fresh transfer on day 6 (depending on whether the clinic can get the aCGH results back in time for a fresh transfer). There are clinics in the US and in Czech that offer all of these technologies.

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this is good news! I think Im going to try Czech Republic. Do you know which clinic can offer aCGH, PICSI?

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please contact me via PM

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Thank you all for your insights. We're still digesting, and will likely have some follow up questions.

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